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Trouble Brings Experience, and Experience Brings Wisdom ... goodbye to 2009!

Another beautiful day in sunny Loreto! As I was enjoying the peaceful and tranquil Sunday, I become reflective when I think about my adventure over the past several years. It has been a Six Flags Rollercoaster ride. There is the anticipation and excitement of creeping up a steep hill not quite sure what is on the other side. The thrill of lifting your arms in the air and not holding on separates the players from the ones simply along for the ride. All the while no one is sure when the next moment of the sheer terror will happen as we free fall, screaming while our stomach finds its way to our throats until we safely land and come to a complete stop. Finally, the ride is over.

It has been an amazing three years, filled with the hope of meeting new challenges, making new friends, creating solid business relationships, daring to live each day outside of my comfort zone, and seizing every opportunity that w…