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Meet the Whales Video and Moments of Reflection

Over the past few weeks I have had many people come up to me and thank me for writing my blog. Everyone seems to know about it and the comments range from good entertainment, curiosity, even the most reliable source of information on Loreto. Where In The World Is Nellie has 500 visits each week, every week and readership continues to grow.

This is more than a little overwhelming since I am not publishing a newspaper, but rather a journal of my personal experiences. Life is not always as it seems, yet now I must be very careful that I do not express an opinion, or a trite comment, that can be taken out of context and used to support those few critics that want to create negative energy about me, local development, or this place. Yet, I refuse to be mediocre and give in to the temptation of writing about superficial happenings that would do nothing more than support egos and paint a two dimensional canvas of the vast life experiences he…
Feliz Semana Santa – Happy Easter!

This week started off with Jane and Sharon (FN203) hosting a sit down dinner party for 18 friends and neighbors in their new home. Here we are with their friends Terry and Dan having the usual late night kitchen party. Their home is beautiful with lots of vibrant colors, elegant furniture, and courtyard fountain giving a tranquil ambience to the excited chatter and laughter inside.

Peter & Ariel (FN44) and Bill & Mia (FN311) were enjoying their meal in the courtyard and raving about what a great day they had on our boat REEL TROUBLE. Together with Rich & Jean, they set out on a 4 hour cruise and had an amazing time enjoying the water, islands, and wildlife. All of them were expounding the virtues of Captain Chino, particularly how well he speaks English, and how friendly and knowledgeable he is, as he maneuvered the waters to show them a different side of Loreto.

Nancy & Del (FN423), and Dee Wise (FN63) along with the hosts are …

When I arrived at Del Borracho Restaurant early one morning to get fresh baked muffins for my staff, it was a surprise to see five of these trucks parked out front waiting for their guides. What a better place than the ambience of an Ole Western Saloon to have an orientation for the race of a lifetime?! This is why I love coming to Del Borracho … I never know who or what I will see. It is truly a watering hole for all from the local characters to the visiting VIPs, who come on horses or state-of-the-art race trucks. Quien Sabe!

Baja BOSS’s most exciting client is THE BAJA EXPERIENCE which is an off road racing tour company located in Loreto. We met this small tour group and they were walking on air in anticipation of getting behind the wheel of these 4000 pound, 250 horsepower racing machines. They flew in from California for a 4 day tour of the back roads of Baja desert and were ready for real action.

At the end of tour, I talked to Jay Vice…
English Speaking Lessons at University of Loreto, Mexico

This week started off with winds blowing from the Northwest up to 30 mph. Last Sunday was a beautiful relaxing warm day and I decided to take the afternoon off and bask in the sun. After getting settled on the lounge chair with sunscreen, cold cerveza and good book in hand, the wind came from nowhere. Within 10 minutes doors and windows of nearby homes were blowing open and shut, construction dust and dirt was flying everywhere at incredible force that it felt that I was being hailed upon. The palm trees were swaying their fury dance and you could barely see the ninth hole on the golf course for the cloud of dust rising above it.

Our sportsfishing yacht was anchored downtown in front of our building and when I drove to the office Monday I could not believe my eyes as the boat rode the waves with agility and grace as the wind and currents swirled around it. I was torn between hiding and watching as Captain Chino and crew tri…
PRD Political Party united in support of Loreto, Mexico

On February 3rd, 2008, all the cities of Mexico were having their municipal elections for their new Presidente, or more commonly known to us as the Mayor. Most of us were consuming beer and watching the Superbowl Game. However in Mexico, NO alcohol was allowed to be served or sold within 24 hours of the voting times. A few local Loreto drinking establishments had to get special licenses to serve the non-Mexicans since they could not vote. Here’s a photo of Alfredo Rosas, General Manager of the INN at Loreto Bay and the incumbent Presidente, Yuan Yee.

Yuan Yee of the PRD party won by a huge majority. PRD won 54.3% of the votes in Loreto, compared to 20.7% for the PAN party of the previous administration. In fact, the PRD is now in all districts throughout all of Baja California Sur and this is the same political party as the Governor of the State. Hopefully, good things will happen to this area now that the state and municip…