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Slow News Week in Loreto, Mexico

This has been another bright and sunny week in Loreto. Hurricane Rick was downgraded to a tropical storm and missed Loreto completely. We had some wind but no rain, and it is back to perfect warm days with gentle breezes. The community pool is always so inviting and at this time of year still a wonderful 80 degrees.

They did take down the thermometer that always displays minus 30 degrees C. I guess the joke got old after a long hot summer?! Loreto Bay has now posted Pool Rules, which can be viewed on my property management site at for those that live here.

I have had my head down and focused on team meetings with both my Baja BOSS Property Managers and our Dorado Properties Real Estate team that are arriving back to Loreto for the winter. So, not much to write about this week …

The main buzz in Loreto Bay was around the Community Pool where people made new friends and met their neighbors. There was an impromptu happy hour on…
Loreto ... Lush Tropical Countryside

Who knew?! The recent concentration of rains has made this desert paradise more similar to Kauai, Hawaii than the normal comparison of Phoenix, Arizona.

This little town has seemed to awaken in the last week with last Sunday's flight bringing in more than 100 people. This is more seats on one flight than we have seen for many months. There are more cars in Loreto Bay and downtown, the restaurants are busier that we have seen since before the media craze of Swine Flu, and people are happy.

For those that have endured the heat and vast emptiness of the summer, we become euphoric and giddy when we see people we know. There is the irresistible urge to run up and hug them as though we were embracing long lost friends. In some ways, this is true. We appreciate the simple things such as passing time laughing at fish stories because we know what it is like to not have someone to share them with.

Sharing awesome experiences is another common pas…
Del Borracho in Loreto is Open for Business Again!

The highlight of my week was having lunch at Del Borracho Saloon located just off the main highway 5 minutes from downtown Loreto on the road to San Javier. Mike and Chole took the summer off to work on their guest cabins and marketing the Western Style Resort and we sure missed them! They have the best hamburgers, salads and soups north of La Paz! Great food, reasonable prices, friendly service, and a place where everyone knows your name! Drop by and see Mike’s newest Hedge Dragster ... before it takes off!

Many of you know my right hand person in business, Jeanny Pinedo. Over the past 3 years, Jeanny and I have lived and learned a lifetime of education about doing business in Mexico and specifically Loreto, Baja. We are still laughing, albeit much wiser. While I had a sabbatical this summer, Jeanny has been busy being a new mom and has a brand new baby girl named Lucile to keep little Pedro company. We had her Baby Showe…
It is raining in Loreto! Warm and Refreshing!

This has been a very busy week and so many things have been accomplished that my head is spinning. Yet, typical Loreto style, not much of this matters. It’s just another day in paradise and we enjoy the moment.

We had some beautiful weather earlier this week, and I was invited on a yacht to take photos of Loreto Bay from the water. You can see the many beach front homes taking shape and that is exciting. More people are now taking advantage of the downturn to build homes at realistic prices and without the many guidelines and burdens of dealing with Loreto Bay Company. We should see 4 more beachfront homes completed in 2009.

The INN is open to the public, but the operations are very sad. If you have very low expectations, then you will not be disappointed. There is a minimal staff, many of whom work from 6am to 11 pm for very little wages. They are short staffed since there are few visitors or guests at the moment. If they do h…