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Goodbye Dan Murphy, We will miss your pioneer spirit!

Loreto lost a very good friend this week. Dan Murphy was the face of Ecoscapes here in Loreto for many years. His positive attitude, always friendly smile and greeting would warm all who encountered him on a day to day basis. He was a Can Do kind of guy who had truly lived fully. From professional race car driver, to diplomat, to traveling and living worldwide, he and his beautiful wife Jeanine made Loreto their home for the past several years. It was impossible not to love Dan, and we will all miss him greatly. All the employees of Ecoscapes and all those that are part of Loreto Bay will remember Dan’s kindness, humility and take this moment to celebrate his life. Our most heartfelt condolences to Jeanine, who we hope will always consider Loreto her home as well as San Diego.

They have finished paving Benito Jueves Street right to the malecon and it was a beautiful bright red color for about 1 day before the dust blew in a…
Buying Ejido Lands in Loreto, Mexico

I stopped to enjoy coffee on my deck on this lazy Sunday morning and it was a beautiful sight to see the progress of Aqua Viva. Somehow without me noticing, these homes with towers sprang out of nowhere, when it seems that they were just going vertical only a few months ago. This is another example how life happens when we are too busy to notice. The sight of these large cranes towering over new construction is like a heavy metal oasis out of some Mad Max gone urban” movie. A beautiful sight to behold if you were here in the early days only 4 years ago when lines in the sand were paced out and chalked in the most rudimentary manner.

Another example of how fast things change is the progress on the new bridge just outside the gates of Nopolo. They have equipment coming and going and men working from early in the morning until late at night. They have assembled a lot of the rebar and laid footings in this past week. The weather is starting to…
Boats, Goats, and Sandy Beaches ... only in Loreto!

In celebration of BajaBOSS’s first anniversary of business, we took the staff out for a day on REEL TROUBLE. From left to right, we have Jeanny, who manages all my operations and oversees our legal work; Adriana, is our fabulous new accountant and is thoroughly meticulous about collections; Yolanda is a great friend and has helped us in many difficult areas; Abril is a full time Executive Assistant for one of our clients; Don Andres has diligently watched over our building and hotel guests since the beginning; and Virginia is our new legal intern.

It is amazing to me how many local Loreotanos have never been on the water or seen the islands and wildlife up close. The group was thrilled to be out on this beautiful day, the water was like glass and it was a perfect 80 degrees. We started drinking cervezas at 10 am, which prompted laughter and chatter all day long. Don Andres was a little disappointed we did not fish… but that requ…
Baja California Sur Ferry Crossing – Santa Rosalia to Guaymas

This week has rated 99 out of a 100 from an opportunity and recognition point of view on a professional level. There is much work to do, and brilliant strategic planning is required. This is difficult to do when personally I just want to sleep and awake without a care in the world.

My lifestyle is such that I find myself riding a wave much larger than I have ever encountered and imagined possible. The potential for the adventure of a lifetime is in the moment, the chances of crashing are enormous. I am speaking metaphorically about my personal experiences only. I did take time to exhale this week and was quickly slapped by the cold water of reality. Oh well, just get up again and continue on. No time to dwell on What If’s when there is no land beneath your feet.

I want to share with you a film shot on REEL TROUBLE last fall. It will be aired on either Sci-Fi or Discovery Channel and the show is called Guinea Pig. h…