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Ivo Reduced to Tropical Storm Likely to Miss Loreto

The Presidente Municipal Rodolfo Davis Osuna, called to ask our assistance in helping him, along with Ex Director de Fonatur Loreto, Rafael Padilla, and other delegates deliver food and supplies to the fishing village of Tembabiche. This is a small town of approximately 50 families with little road access. The best way to get there is by water and it is 3 or 4 hours cruising from Puerto Escondido. Of course, we would be more than happy to oblige and donated REEL TROUBLE, our captain and gas to make the journey. They were accompanied by the Director of Education who was meeting the town’s people to see if they would put in a classroom.

The big news this week was Hurricane Ivo approaching the Baja from the south. It was a Category 1 and anything could happen as it was hundreds of miles off shore. I arrived home on Friday to find sandbags at my door. LBC is putting some type of road or courtyard in front of my home, and my first t…
Back to Life as Normal in Loreto ...

The calm after the storm was prevalent in Loreto. The next morning after Hurricane Henrietta had made her presence known the streets were full of municipal workers and business people all out sweeping, cleaning and trying to get our city back to the spotlessly clean place we are so proud of. Police were out directing dump trucks and blocking roads so the cleaners could sweep in safety. We saw a new street cleaner machine that made a lot of noise and blew clouds of dust everywhere.

It is amazing how green this place becomes with just a few inches of rain. There are waterfalls in the mountains that create streams and small ponds of water that are cool and refreshing. The hills come alive with bushes that were never noticeable before and the land between Nopolo and Loreto look like lush pastures for the animals to feed. The temperatures have now dropped to the low 90’s, but with 60% humidity it feels at least 10 degrees hotter.

Last weekend was…
Hurricane Henrietta Storms the Sea off Loreto

This week’s buzz and excitement was the anticipated arrival of Hurricane Henrietta. There was little talk or expectation as she moved north and took her time reaching Cabo. At a Category 1, we didn’t think she had much steam but were weary how quickly things can change.

We out on the boat on Monday and the current was very strong. On Tuesday, the water was smooth as glass but Captain Chino knew better from the look of the sky. He knew we had to get to safety by 11 am as the dark ominous clouds were approaching like a cloud of locus ready to devour all in its wake.

Everyone worked hard to prepare for the worst, and hoped for the best. My staff was battening down the hatches, filling buckets with water and buying food that did not require cooking in case we lost power. My bartender Sergio was very smart and stacked our patio furniture and tied them all together as he knew the wind would scatter them throughout the neighborhood. Every…
Real Estate in Loreto

It is September and everyone in Loreto has just about had enough of the heat and humidity, torn up streets throughout the entire downtown, and lack of tourists and activity. Most of us with experience know that things are about change. One more month and hopefully the main streets will be paved, shops and restaurants open full time, and people coming and going … happy to be here once again.

Every morning I drive to work, I see shop keepers out sweeping their store fronts and cleaning windows, and municipal street cleaners picking up litter and keeping the Malecon immaculate. This week the Town of Loreto had all its municipal workers out for 2 mornings sweeping all the streets of Loreto, and there were truckloads of dirt accumulated and taken away. It was great to see and made a huge difference, if only for a few days. With all the construction happening in Loreto and Nopolo, it is inevitable that we will be living in a dust zone for several years.

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