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The Simplest Life IS the Most Spectacular

This week there was a tremendous amount of fog, which is rare for Loreto. I would watch in roll in and out gently covering the islands and boats like a blanket making them invisible. It was refreshingly cool and with very little breeze. We had temperatures of 90F degrees last week and it was almost warm enough for me to start wearing shorts again.

The sunrises are so incredibly amazing over the water and mountains. With the recent cloud cover it was a light show worthy of getting up at 6 am to not miss it. Of course, staggering to the balcony with my coffee is a lot less trouble than walking the beach or going fishing, but the greater the effort, the more substantial the rewards.

I never grew tired of seeing the snow capped Olympic Mts. in Victoria and I doubt that I will ever take the tranquil sunrises of Loreto for granted either. Each morning on the malecon you can see the early exercisers walking, along with the panga boats making t…
The One With The Most Toys Wins

The bigger the boys, the bigger the toys. Many things have changed in Loreto over the last year. One that appeals most to me is the increase of nicer cars, boats, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles in general. Baja has been a haven for travelling groups of motorcyclists and motor homes, wishing to explore unknown territory and camp out under the stars. Now the calibre of toys has stepped up quite a few notches and the people who own them want very nice second or third homes to retreat to.

My friend Darryl arrived this week from California with some of his toys. He said he was driving down his motor home with "stuff" to keep him busy for several months. I had visions of an older RV that most gringos keep here to travel the dirt roads of Baja.

Instead he shows up with a luxury condo on wheels, complete with garage that is more comfortable than my current home. As if the leather interior and plasma TV were not enough, there is a hydro…
New Cruise Ship Dock Coming to Loreto

There will be a new tourist dock in Loreto to accommodate increased marine arrivals. The new dock will be built along the same lines that the actual dock is right now, but with greater dimensions and services in order to receive larger cruise ships and thousands of visitors.

Currently Holland America Cruise Lines stops in Loreto 13 times a year during the Spring and Fall for day excursions with 1250 to 1800 passengers each trip. There are smaller local cruises as well that regularly stop in Loreto. The ships currently tender their passengers to shore.

The Governor of Baja California Sur, Narciso Agundez Montano, informed the town that the President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, increased the budget for the State in order to improve Marine Infrastructure in Loreto and Los Cabos. The first step is the construction of the Loreto dock. The Mayor of Loreto, Rodolfo Davis Osuna, is willing to support this project, along with all other respected author…
This week I am showing photos taken from my Bar of the full moon, cruise ships, staff party, and friends. Visiting were Delynn and Jim from AV83 with their friends Ronda and Glen. Also, Janet Rubenstein of FN162 was here to see us again.

My life is very fun, glamorous and filled with adventure, yet I am a simple person with simple needs. Every day I have doubts, misgivings, and apprehension about the path that I have chosen. Yet, also everyday I am surrounded by events and people that affect me and give me the opportunity of making a small difference to those that have not been jaded by money, status, or position. Everyone of us has great power to influence the ones closest to us, whether that is our immediate family, friends, acquaintances, or simply someone down on their luck not wanting anything more than simple respect. These are the things that keep me in Loreto. It is a small town that is innocent, a little na├»ve, yet hoping and dreaming of a better place where their ch…