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Good Signs for Loreto, Mexico … The INN is OPEN!!

The Inn at Loreto Bay opened in Loreto, Nopolo, yesterday without much fanfare or fuss. I believe only the Snack Shack is open at this time and there will be 30 hotel rooms available in October. The pools are filled with water and the lounge chairs available for use of Loreto Bay homeowners and guests.

It was great to drop by and see a few familiar faces of our waiters and friends. This group of diehard homeowners who braved the summer heat and lack of restaurant, gift shop or amenities, were out to share a meal and some laughs. We toasted to each other and all our friends for good times ahead.

People have wondered Where In the World Is Nellie as I vacated my Loreto office earlier this year and been taking a well deserved rest since the media frenzy of Swine Flu destroyed our tourism. I will be opening my new office in the Loreto Plaza in the next few weeks and more to come about that later.

In the meantime, Alan Axelrod and Mic…
Loreto Nellie expands Dorado Properties and Baja BOSS

It is September in Loreto, which means the quietest month of the year. Many residents leave to escape the storms, heat and humidity; and the tourists are far away at home busy with their regular family routines of work and school. Many Loreto business owners take this month to close and vacation as well. All has gone quiet in the rumor mill and there is little discussion of what will happen to Loreto Bay.

We continue to have raining days … grey skies, slightly overcast and the occasional thunder clap, followed by a torrent 5 minutes of rain. If you blink, you just may miss it! However, even a few moments of rain can cause the homes to become saunas in just a few hours. Our Property Inspectors are all busy ventilating and airing out homes to avoid mold and mildew.

Loreto has certainly had its challenges in the last 6 months. First there was the media frenzy of Swine Flu in April; and just when people were realizing that …
Nellie’s Back in Loreto, Baja California Sur

Time flies when you are having fun … and what a nice summer this has been. I spent much time away from Loreto visiting friends in Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, and Halifax. I had vacations in Seattle, San Diego and New York and now feeling rested and with some semblance of balance in a place where time seems to stand still … Loreto.

I brought a 1998 Dodge Durango from my friend Albert Basil, who owns AJ Motors in Los Angeles. I gave the specifications of what I wanted (model, year, color, fabric type, a/c, 4x, miles, and other options) and he found the car at the auction. He drove the car for a month and replaced all the parts that he thought would be necessary so I could have a good safe Baja car. This included a new axle, tires, brakes, steam cleaning the engine, and a brand new radio for my long drive down Baja. The price was great and I feel very confident that the car is in good condition to last me a couple of years of hard off…