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Continental Airlines Flies NonStop Houston to Loreto!

This week Nellie’s Hotel was host to 5 pilots from Continental Airlines visiting Loreto on a recognizance mission to learn about their new destination and report back to Houston. Continental Airlines now flies nonstop from Houston, Texas to Loreto every Thursday and Sunday. They leave Houston at 11:10 am, with a 3 hour trip arriving in Loreto at 1:18 pm. The flight immediately turns around and leaves Loreto at 1:50 pm and arrives in Houston at 5:35 pm, which offers great connections to many east coast destinations. Right now the price is $198 return before taxes. Check it out!!!

The pilots went fishing and I personally cooked their grouper stuffed with shrimp in a white wine sauce and filets of Dorado sautéed with a tequila salsa. They rented a car and enjoyed the ride to San Javier one day and seemed to love just hanging out on the malecon drinking beer and watching the locals drive by for hours. It is a simple life here a…
House Inspections, Cheerleaders, and Fishing ... It's a Wonderful Life in Loreto, Mexico!

It is hard to believe that it is almost one year since I accepted my Loreto Bay Casa FN62. It is a great home and I am very happy with how everything turned out. I am no construction expert and believe that I save myself much anxiety, time and frustration by letting the experts do what I know little about.

Many of you know Chris Smith as the Construction Manager of Village Homes, and Bill Doyle as the Commercial Construction Manager of Loreto Bay Company. Both Chris and Bill have branched out on their own, together with Kent Brodwolf to start THE CONSTRUCTION COACH providing consulting and inspection services. I have worked with both Chris and Bill and have known them for several years now. I value their experience, work ethics, knowledge of the construction and materials used for my Casa Chica. They showed up at the appointed time and spent all day doing my One Year Warranty Inspection…
My Trip to Park City, Utah

I took a quick trip to Park City, Utah last week and it exceeded my expectations. For a relatively small town with a population of approximately 7500 people, I was impressed by the number of things to do and places to explore. It was no wonder that it captured the world’s attention with the 2002 Winter Olympics.

In order to drink liquor in Utah, one needed to be a member of a private club. Luckily for me, I received honorary Member status at the No Name Saloon, where I spent three nights researching whether there might be an opportunity to have a similar establishment in Loreto. Jesse is the owner on my left and Mark is the landlord on my right. They have lots of history of the area and saw it grow from a ghost town to the multi million dollar residences and Main Street it is now.

The No Name Saloon is a landmark in Park City and an absolute “must” to have a cold one and buffalo burger. My favorite was the delicious beer batter onion rings! You can …
My Favorite Things Including Loreto Bay Home Owners Weekend

There were many friends and neighbors in town this weekend. We gathered at the INN on Thursday evening under the bright full moon. It was great to see everyone and feel the vision of community and remember why we bought here again. Everyone is so very nice and friendly.

The new General Manager of the Hotel is Alfredo, who is shown on the left. The absence of staff from Loreto Bay Company was very evident and we were told that they would not be providing any representation at these events. I guess the owners are now on our own – even though most in attendance still do not have their completed homes yet. Oh Well.

Glen and Joyce Mickowski, FN300, are now here full time and have their 36’ and 50’ catamarans available to take visitors on day trips or overnight around the islands. I talked to some homeowners that took the Champaign breakfast cruise and they loved it. You can make reservations with Glen at rainiercats@yahoo.c…