Continental Airlines Flies NonStop Houston to Loreto!

This week Nellie’s Hotel was host to 5 pilots from Continental Airlines visiting Loreto on a recognizance mission to learn about their new destination and report back to Houston. Continental Airlines now flies nonstop from Houston, Texas to Loreto every Thursday and Sunday. They leave Houston at 11:10 am, with a 3 hour trip arriving in Loreto at 1:18 pm. The flight immediately turns around and leaves Loreto at 1:50 pm and arrives in Houston at 5:35 pm, which offers great connections to many east coast destinations. Right now the price is $198 return before taxes. Check it out!!!

The pilots went fishing and I personally cooked their grouper stuffed with shrimp in a white wine sauce and filets of Dorado sautéed with a tequila salsa. They rented a car and enjoyed the ride to San Javier one day and seemed to love just hanging out on the malecon drinking beer and watching the locals drive by for hours. It is a simple life here and they appreciated all Loreto had to offer.

My good friends Jeff and Maria were here with their 3 kids this week and enjoyed playing at the beach and just hanging out in this simple town. On the last night we went for dinner at Mita Gourmet in the town square. We were joined by another couple and their kids, whom they met at the INN and it started out as a great evening. We ordered lobster and it was large, juicy and delicious! Highly recommended!

Juan Carlos and Marta, the proprietors of Mita Gourmet work everyday except Christmas and have a large menu that is consistently good. In addition to the good customer service, reasonable prices, they also have Herzon playing music each night which makes a nice meal into a memorable evening.

Herzon doesn’t mind good singers getting up and enjoying a song or two. Jeff surprised us all by serenading his daughter Rachel with a beautiful lullaby. It made me want to offer karaoke or some entertainment at Nellie’s Bar as there must be a lot of talent among our neighbors.

When it came time to pay the food bill, the other couple threw in a 2000 Peso bill. It was so unusual that I had to take a photo because I have never seen one in my four years here. We left the money on the table and went over to Mike’s Bar. Juan Carlos called me a few minutes later and told me that the 2000 peso bill was out of circulation and now only had a value of 2 pesos.

I passed on the message to this man that we just met and didn’t think that it would be a problem. This was an innocent mistake. However, people surprise us and he got very angry when I mentioned it and started yelling and saying this is why people don’t buy in Mexico because they get scammed? I was really confused?? How could he be getting scammed when the restaurant offered to give him back his 2000 peso bill in exchange for the correct amount?

He got very defensive and said he did not want his money back. He was adamant he got the bill from American Express in LA and how could they make a mistake? Perhaps they had a new employee who did not know? It’s possible, but I would get the bill back and he could take it to American Express so he could get his $200 USD back for it. I could not understand what the big deal was?

I then said that I would cover the restaurant and wanted nothing from him. He was instantly angry and wanted to know why I would get involved. I live here, it is a small town, and we have to be responsible for those that we associate with. He was at my table and I needed to be responsible because $200 USD for a local restaurant is a lot of money to be shorted. He then accused me of being part of the scam and refused to talk to me anymore? The only thing I can suppose is that he either had too much to drink, or perhaps he knew the 2000 peso was not worth anything, and he was embarrassed to be caught trying to pass off a bill that has been publicly devalued and out of circulation since 1986.

Anyways, I got the bill back, gave it to his very nice wife and told her to take it back to American Express in LA and call it a day. Life is too short and valuable to let these things upset us or ruin a perfectly good day.

People ask me all the time what I do, and what businesses I am in. Basically, I say that the only things I don’t do are Property Management and Furniture. Well, now I find myself helping some friends get rid of excess furniture in Loreto.

There are 4 armoires, a table, buffet, and special front doors made especially for a custom home, among some smaller items. They are stored at a warehouse in Loreto and if you are interested, please email me at and I will send you photos and the cost they paid. Make an offer, take it away… and it’s yours! Easy … 1, 2, 3. Good quality furniture, looking for a good home.

This sugarmold queen size headboard is very dramatic and the photo does not show how wonderful this would look in a faux painted room with rustic furniture.

The town of Loreto is finally starting to repave its streets … stay tuned next week on what is happening locally downtown! Have a great week!


Loretoized said…
Hello Nellie!

We had such a great time with you as always. We will miss your company and Yolanda's amazing Tapas!
Follow up to 2000 pesos:
The couple certainly were unaware of the low value, he called the restaurant owner the next day and gave me the $$$ that I took personally to him. All is well and so a very good lesson learned from all indeed!
We will see you, my friend in September, I cannot wait!
Muchos Gracias!

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