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Simple Pleasures in Loreto, Mexico

Life doesn’t get much better than a quiet day in Loreto, where you can expect the unexpected. It’s been another bright and sunny week to enjoy the golf course and natural beauty that surrounds us. Taking time from work to hang out with friends is my favorite activity. No doubt this will be a reoccurring theme of my blog this summer.

I went fishing with Randolpho and his son Patrick with Capt. Chino. It was such an amazing day and Randolpho was really lucky … it’s all about luck and of course, Chino’s skill as a master captain. We saw hundreds of baby dolphins playing without a care; a pod of a 10 pilot whales, manta ray, flying fish, seals, sailfish jumping and most importantly, the big dorado. It is always amazing to watch as Chino sees a sailfish or dorado miles off in the distance, turns the boat in full circle, baits the hook and casts the line right to the fish. Then watch as they bite within seconds!

Norma has a new Spa located on the…
Back in Beautiful Sunny Loreto

It was nice to be away, and even better to be back. Temperatures are in the mid to high 80’s, with 50% humidity which is great for the skin. The plane was half full, but I did not recognize too many people and there were few fishermen with coolers or reels.

What was immediately noticeable is how quiet the streets are downtown and in Loreto Bay. Walking several times from my home located near the 9th green to the INN this weekend, I did not come across another person. There are a few people in the Snack Shack for dinner, but mostly the place is deserted.

We blame much of this on the swine flu media craze, and there are still no concerns about this in Baja California Sur. People are still continuing to cancel their travel plans here and we are expecting a very quiet summer for tourism.

Coming from the lush greenery of Victoria to Loreto is a sharp contrast of tranquil beauty. The photos this week are taken at the INN at Loreto Bay today. There ar…
Stop and Smell the Roses in Victoria, BC

This has been a very relaxing week visiting friends and family. Temperatures range between mid 50’s to low 60’s degrees F. This is perfect weather for a nice brisk walk and stopping for coffee and pastries, which seem to tempt us at every corner.

I am in awe of the lush foliage every where and am happy to be sharing photos of ordinary roads and sights that one sees on a typical day if they are just aware. It is aptly named the “City of Gardens” because if you do not take pride in your landscaping and yard work, then you should own a condo!

Victoria is famous for its Butchart Gardens, Empress Hotel, and Parliament Buildings lit up nightly all year round. Another one of my favorite sites is the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean and snow capped Olympic Mts. Victoria was ranked #16 of 100 Top World Destinations in the 2008 TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice Awards.

I have wandered aimlessly through the busy shopping malls, browsing and enjoying the…
Happy Mothers Day From Loreto To Victoria

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all women, regardless of whether they are mothers or daughters. Here’s a toast to all the women that nurture, care for, and take time from their own interests to encourage and support one another and all the men around us. These are photos from regular gardens around Victoria today. Enjoy!

This week I traveled from Loreto to Victoria, BC, without incident and very little hoopla about Swine Flu. Checking in at Loreto Airport, I was asked to complete a simple questionnaire about any symptoms of having temperatures in excess of 39 degrees Celsius (it’s hot okay), coughing (dirt and dust), sore limb joints (too much fishing, hiking or dancing), and irritable redness in the eyes (lack of sleep).

I imagined regular tourists being confused if they had symptoms of influenza or remnants of tequila nights? It was necessary to present my questionnaire to the airport doctor who took my temperature (in my ear) before giving me the…
Swine Who? Everyday in Loreto is Another Day in Paradise!

One of the simple pleasures of living la vida loca is that I don’t miss the media hype and sensationalism of a slow news day. There are no fears in Loreto about being attacked by the angry H1N1 virus, no desperate search for face masks and no one avoiding the festivities of Loreto Days this weekend because they are afraid of public places.

On April 30, State Tourism Secretary Alberto Trevino declared that the State of Baja California Sur remains free of the swine flu virus. No confirmed cases neither have been registered nor suspected. The entity is virus free. NOTE: Baja California Sur is a different State than Baja California.

On May 1, Baja California’s Health Secretariat acknowledged that the state’s first four cases of swine flu, all of them in Mexicali the state capital. A spokesman said the patients have recovered and are in good health.

Please note that Mexicali is in the State of Baja California (which we con…