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Loreto Bay Real Estate Update It is good to be back in Loreto ... always feels like I am returning home!The cold spell has broken and now temperatures are 70F bright and sunny.   Loreto did get some rain in January which turned the mountainsinto green landscapes.  Now it is endless blue skies, lush tropical backdrops and gardens everywhere.
There is a definite increase in real estate this season.   Many people who have been coming to visit for several years are now ready to make the commitment of buying.   Also first time visitors are loving this place and want to come back to rent and decide which area and home they want to vacation.  Great News for All!

We escalated our issues with Deutsche Bank Mexico and their non responsive trust lawyers and accounts receivable departments right up to the top ... Vice President at Deutsche Bank in New York in October 2018.After many emails, telephone calls, and production of endless communications, Deutsche Bank did make staff changes in January…
HONG KONG ... LAS VEGAS .... LORETO ... I spent a week in Hong Kong which is vastly different from Singapore and it feels like New York on steroids.While Singapore only became a nation in 1965, is a planned city with great vision using the newest technologies, transport and amenities; Hong Kong has been the commercial center of Asia for over 100 years.It is a city that has grown literally on top of each other and a true mix of old and new.There are older districts where the buildings are 50+ years old, with street markets and stalls, to the new ultra office towers and hotels.The people themselves have found a way to coexist with all the foreigners, China Nationals, and locals who have inhabited this jewel for a century.

You cannot escape the crowds of people everywhere.
Most foriegners I met at the Hotel rarely strayed far from the safety and tranquility of the hotel and areas.This is a shame because there is a lot to experience.Hong Kong is as safe as any large city, and there is no …
In a Land Far Far Away …
As I continue on my Singapore Adventure, there are so many things to do each day ... including exploring the many food options!The choices are extensive from every culture imaginable; and ranging in price from $5 to $150 USD per person.You have to do your homework to get the best possible experience, but that is part of the journey and satisfaction of finding the perfect spot to fit your mood, palette and budget! Most good hotels offer free cell phones for calling, texting, data plans with google search and apps with tour recommendations already loaded and waiting for your inquiries.It’s wonderfully easy!
I was most impressed that Singapore Zoo and Wildlife Reserves are committed to ensure their animals receive world class welfare and care through conservation, biodiversity and education to each staff member and visitor.It is evident at all stations that they are adopting sustainable consumption and practices reminding everyone of all ages to reduce their imp…