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Good Morning Singapore!   
I have travelled halfway around the world and now in Singapore, located One degree from the Equator.I could not be further away from Loreto … geographically, culturally, and among culinary diversity.My last visit to Singapore was over 30 years ago when it was a developing country with a grand vision for the future.The social progress and geographical changes have been remarkable.While there are the tall skyscrapers of any affluent city, there remains a wealth of historical treasures from the past, older buildings nestled between the maze of parks and glass towers.I was impressed by the abundance of gardens, nature reserves and lush, tropical greenery.
Public transportation is excellent, taxis/car ride services are easy and reasonably priced, and walking is the best way to explore any city.I walk 10 to 15 miles a day … mostly to compensate for the constant temptation of delightful snacks at every turn.I did my research and am lucky to have friends in the city.…
We LOVE the Nopolo Wine Cellar!! Do you remember the summer of 2011 in Loreto Bay?Probably not as there were just a few people here.I think there was only ONE flight a week and the negativity was oppressive.The Home Owners were agonizing over the $2MM USD Special Assessment to complete all the necessary capital expenditure projects; the BECK Solution was underway in Aqua Viva and we were surrounded by 200 unfinished homes.There were 20 Property Managers, 3 Banks, and rumors of Loreto Bay Hotel and Golf Course being sold. I was responsible for commercial leasing at the time, and the only businesses were Baja Boss Property Management; Bahia PM, the HOA, Security Offices, and Evan's grocery store.There was no place to get a meal, coffee or drinks without going into town.  This was the definition of being a Pioneer.  Buying food was literally a hunting and gathering exercise that required a trip to town that took hours to visit various stores to find butter, lettuce, Kleenex, meat, f…
Raining in Loreto, Baja!  
It’s been raining lightly but steady for the past 12 hours in Loreto.There is little wind and it’s wonderful to be snuggled up at home listening the pitter patter that we seldom hear this time of year.It is 63F and warm.In a few days the sun will be bright and everything will be fresh and clean.The mountains will bloom with foliage that we forget is there, and the lush green hillsides will welcome all our spring visitors.
The beginning of each new year is a time for reflection, resolutions, and often revamping our routines, priorities and practices to live fuller, kinder and with wellness.For many 2018 was a year of change, trials and tribulations filled with experiences that we should learn from.Yes, truly every year has its ups and downs, but as I grow older and hopefully wiser, I feel that there is no time like the present.No better day than today.These are my random pensive thoughts … don’t judge me!
I think back to 10 years ago … Loreto Bay Company was st…
LORETO - HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019!!  As I celebrate 15 years in Loreto Bay, I find myself regularly astonished and swelling with pride at what this Community has achieved.   It took hundreds of dreamers, risk takers, and visionaries to believe in the concept of a friendly, safe community that offered more than our creature comforts in home towns across the USA and Canada.   These Pioneers put their faith in the concept and each other, against formidable odds and incomprehensible challenges to complete the vision and finally becoming Settlors to enjoy the benefits and rewards of Living Fully and Treading Lightly.  

Along the way, we have been joined by others who feel the tranquility and magic of our special, unhurried and respectful way of life.   It is interesting to note that 40% of all new buyers are younger than 58 years old and desiring to have simpler, yet fuller lives.  We are seeing more families of grand parents, adult children and many young toddlers all sharing precious memor…