We LOVE the Nopolo Wine Cellar!!

Do you remember the summer of 2011 in Loreto Bay?  Probably not as there were just a few people here.   I think there was only ONE flight a week and the negativity was oppressive.  The Home Owners were agonizing over the $2MM USD Special Assessment to complete all the necessary capital expenditure projects; the BECK Solution was underway in Aqua Viva and we were surrounded by 200 unfinished homes.   There were 20 Property Managers, 3 Banks, and rumors of Loreto Bay Hotel and Golf Course being sold.  
I was responsible for commercial leasing at the time, and the only businesses were Baja Boss Property Management; Bahia PM, the HOA, Security Offices, and Evan's grocery store.   There was no place to get a meal, coffee or drinks without going into town.  This was the definition of being a Pioneer.  Buying food was literally a hunting and gathering exercise that required a trip to town that took hours to visit various stores to find butter, lettuce, Kleenex, meat, fruit and vegetables worthy of eating.   

One of the most memorable evenings for me happened in July 2011 when my friend Cynthia Laird and I were sitting in her home drinking copious amounts of wine and solving the world's problems.    I remember saying that Loreto Bay needed a Wine Bar so owners could come and enjoy the fun that we were having at that moment!   There were no other businesses here and I truly believed that the community would solidly support them.   As an agent for the Commercial Businesses, I could negotiate a very attractive lease option to alleviate concerns about the short 6 month season.   Cynthia's husband Will Cosby was looking for a new opportunity and is a wine connoisseur and collector ... what a perfect fit!   We had so much fun and laughs thinking about this venture and dream for Loreto Bay!  
One month later Cynthia calls me to say they sold their California home and were on their way to Loreto to open the bar!  OMG ... I never back peddled so fast with a Reality Checklist.   It is very hard to do business in Mexico!!!   Well, long story short...they came in September with all their worldly goods to move to Loreto fulltime; and the Nopolo Wine Cellar (WC for Will/Cynthia) was opened in October 2011.    The first year was extremely difficult with steep learning curves.   The local community and owners did not support them as much as we expected.  This was a huge disappointment for me.  Pricing was a big issue as well as sourcing quality wines and good staff.  

However, they persevered and have become a local institution to Loreto and celebrating their 8th year in business.   The Wine Cellar is often full of owners and visitors enjoying the good company, sports and reasonably priced food and drinks.   Although they are a well-stocked bar, the Wine Cellar are also a family friendly restaurant with food and refreshments that appeal to all ages.  It's our local CHEERS ... a place where everyone knows your name.    The Wine Cellar's success is a testament to their hard work, tenacity and business acumen.
Our favorite bartender Urbano started with them from Day 1 and loves his job and all his friends.   He always has a big smile and remembers your drink!  Now it is a family operation with the friendly and happy staff open 6 days a week from 4 pm to 10 pm.   Closed Tuesdays; and open at 3 pm on Saturday and Sundays!    www.NopoloWineCellar.com

They have a good selection of wines and Champaign in their Coolers (to go), with full bar of your favorite spirits and wide selection of tequilas.   The food is great value, easy and fast!  Drop by and say hello for the first time, or again as a regular.   A big SHOUT OUT to Will and Cynthia for taking the chance and providing a gathering place for our community and friends!   Thank you and we ALL appreciate your team and efforts!! 

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