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On The Road Again ... Where In the World Am I??

This is the start of my first annual vacation and I will be taking three weeks away from Loreto. It seems like a long time, but it is necessary to keep perspective on what I am doing and why. Even along the roads less traveled there is much road work and bridges being built at a frenzied pace. There is no doubt the Mexican Government is preparing for major foreign investment in development projects in the not too distant future.

I started by driving down to La Paz and checking on the newest developments there. La Paz is a very nice business city with a population of 250,000 people. The south end has many new condos and Master Plan Communities, the new marina can accommodate ships as large as 220 ft. There are some very good values for investment in early vacation projects. It has a lot to offer, but I still think the scenery of Loreto is much prettier and the smaller town appeals to me.

Driving south along the East Cape I wanted t…
Life and Images of Baja California Sur

There are so many things to do in this area. Most of us come down “to check it out” and end up buying land to build our second or third home that will offer a lifestyle we have worked our entire lives for and find ourselves dreaming about more each day. A simple life where little is taken for granted and the small things are appreciated because it is a hard life here. Obtaining the basic amenities, services and consumer goods are a task in creativity, luck and timing.

The natural instinct is to become obsessed with building our home, which for some reason must be more perfect than any other home we have owned. It is not that we are building for Architectural Digest, more than we feel these bricks and mortar will provide the conduit and reward to justify the reason we have worked so hard, for so many years, and at times have cost much emotional and physical turmoil. Finally, we are nearing the stage when we can truly see the finished home in …
Fishin For the Mission Tournament

Restaurants and Bars were busier this week as many people were coming into town for the Fishin For the Mission Tournament this weekend. This is a local event that was started 16 years ago by Americans living and visiting this area to support the Loreto community. It happens in the “July dark moon” which is about the 3rd week each year.

It was a private event until six years ago when it became public and attracted some big sponsors. Last year they raised $25,000 USD which was donated to the Mission, the local orphanage, and buying books for the library. The generous donation of the many sponsors raises about 40 to 50 prices in addition to money. The registration fee is $150 for a boat with 4 people. Very cheap for 3 days of fun and a good charitable project!

This is the President Jim Duggins(left) and Vice President Troy Cline of the event. They were very happy to share information about their event and look forward to many more participants nex…
What is New in Loreto, Mexico?

I truly must say that after one year of living in Loreto, I can only remember 3 bad days. This is pretty incredible when I think of all my working life, the countless times that some “catastrophe” would happen that would put me in a bad mood and stress me out, and basically affect the rest of the day. Now when “stuff” happens, I just shrug my shoulders and say, “Oh Well, nothing I can do about it now. Let’s see what happens and deal with the consequences.” Perhaps this is the evolution process of becoming older and wiser, and perhaps it is because in Loreto, there is not a damn thing you can do but give in to the inevitable. Life happens …deal with it. This is not to say that every day is a bed of roses, but I have grown accustomed to the little thorns.

In the last few months my blog has been gaining a wide readership with over 1600 hits a month. It started as a personal journal and means of communication with those that wanted to know what I was d…