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Life happens when we are too busy to notice. This full moon marks exactly one year since I started my journey to Baja and what an adventure! A year ago, I packed some meager possessions into the oldest used car that I have ever owned and headed off into the sunset to Mexico. I was a single middle aged woman, not speaking Spanish, not a legal resident of any country, no fixed address, and no job prospects. It would have made a whole lot more sense if I was following a man, hooked on drugs, or certifiably insane … but it is much nicer to say I was following my dream. What a load of horse rubbish! I was burnt out and just needed a break.

Hindsight is always 20/20 and I am still sitting on the fence whether I am truly a lunatic or my timing is brilliant. All I know is that in the last year I have laughed harder, cried deeper, and stop regularly to enjoy the simple pleasures that surrounds us everyday. I have a little rose garden outside of my office that greets me every morning as I come to spend another 12 hours building the track for the speeding train of life that I am on. I wonder how many people walk by each day and never stop and smell the roses. How cliché, but oh so true.

I feel like the luckiest person alive when my friends, some of whom I have never met yet, drop by and say hello. This week Joe and Miki (FN376) from Sonoma County came by to say hello. I had never met them, but their family follows my adventures and we became fast friends. I look forward to them being part of this community in the fall. My virtual friends visit at Nellie’s Bar with me and others, and are so very supportive of my blog and what I am doing. It surprises me that so many people tune in regularly. Similar to the Twilight Zone, it scares the hell outta you and makes you wonder "what if", but you just can’t miss another episode to see what bizarre twists this week will bring?

This has been an interesting week. We have a new contractor at Loreto Bay and the Managers were staying at my hotel. It made me think how many young professional Mexicans and foreigners are coming here for the numerous opportunities. Yet there is nothing for them to do, other than work in this very small town. Every Friday at Nellie’s Bar we are having a “Singles Mixer Night” and ladies get cervezas for 10 pesos. Everyone is welcome, young and old, men, women – it is simply a gathering place. We had a great group on Friday and everyone headed out to Mike’s Bar afterwards where the “Mexicans from the Mainland” were singing along with the music and everyone was dancing in their seats. I had to leave at 2 am, but the rest were all going strong!

One of the best establishments to make a difference in Loreto is Del Barracho on the road to San Javier. Mike and Andrea built the wooden Saloon and serve great breakfasts and hamburgers from sunrise to sunset. They have truly created a nice comfortable place where there are no cultural, economic, or social barriers.

Everyone is welcome and there is always someone who knows your name. I can see this place becoming an institution in Loreto! It is where characters come and there are always good stories about some crazy time. It reminded me of the NO NAME SALOON, only much more rustic and real. There is a local character named Smiley and when he showed up with his mask and prison outfit, it was irresistible!

Saturday night Del Borracho had a big bash and it was a full crazy house. They had their friends, who made an impromptu band, entertain all afternoon. There were pitchers of beer flowing and grilled chicken was on the house. It was their way of saying thank you before they close for three months. The atmosphere was phenomenal and we all encourage Del Borracho to have this type of party once a month in the fall.

Along with the music, dancing, outdoor tents, great food and drinks, there was a Wet T-Shirt Contest advertised. Little did the patrons know that it was for MEN. The line up of men stood under the outdoor shower and went to the staging area, where they lifted their wet shirts and teased the crowd.

It was a hoot. I saw normally respectable businessmen get up and flaunt their moves that their wives had never even seen! I think the winner was a little boy as the competition was pretty aggressive and it would have been difficult to say who was best in what category? Different Strokes for Different Folks!

Mick and Joyce (FN300) invited the remaining summer residents of Loreto Bay out on their 50’ catamaran for an all day cruise. They are always happy to take neighbors and visitors out on the water. They can provide a 3 hour Champaign cruise in the morning, an all day event, and even take overnight trips. Please email Mick at rainiercats@yahoo.com or Nellie@bajaboss.com for more information.

It is a beautiful yacht, with luxury wood interior, 2 staterooms, and we were most impressed with the large kitchen and full size fridge!! What we enjoyed most was seeing Mick and Joyce truly happy and in their element with their boat and being on the water. It is obvious that they love to share the beauty of the Sea of Cortez with their friends!

We met about 9 am and were setting sail and drinking beer by 10 am. They have snorkel gear, a pedal kayak for 2 people, and another one that has a sail for skimming along the water. These kayaks are so easy to pedal and steer, even I can do it! Mick sneaked up on Lynn and Sharon snorkeling, but they were too interested in all the marine life under water to notice.

Denny and Brian enjoyed cruising around on kayaks and especially liked the cup holders for the beer. Yes, whoever designed these things knew about the important creature comforts in life! It was a perfect day among friends. Life does not get better than this at any cost.

There are so many beautiful beaches and scenic spots. We all hope that this area doesn’t change too quickly, but development is inevitable. We have listed the most incredible piece of property I have ever seen. It has beach, dunes, views of Carmen, Coronado, and Danzante Islands, as well as valley and mountain views. This 6.6 acres is offered at $1.4 Million USD, which is about $51 per meter. Unbelievable value in this jewel of an area, that will only increase exponentially as the Spanish Fadesa Group and other projects start their construction and marketing. Let me know if you are interested in owning a piece of heaven on earth now, while it is still affordable. For more real estate information, email me at Nellie@DoradoLoreto.com

Here’s an excerpt from Fadesa’s recent Press Release. For more information go to their website at http://www.fadesa.es

La Coruña, 28th May 2007.- FADESA Group will build what will be its largest holiday resort in the Mexican State of Baja California Sur: Loreto Paraíso, a resort of considerable scope on the Sea of Cortez (Pacific Ocean), in which it will invest around 4,000 million Euros.

This project is unprecedented and shows FADESA’s firm commitment to Mexico as a country of vast possibilities for both holiday homes and first homes. The resort will be set in the town of Loreto, the oldest town in Baja California Sur, situated 350 km north of its capital, La Paz. It is a very exclusive area of natural beaches and rugged cliffs, regarded as a paradise for diving, fishing, whale watching and snorkelling enthusiasts.

The residential area of Loreto Paraíso will contain approximately 6,500 homes, including apartments and semi-detached, terraced and detached villas. The hotel accommodation will be characterized by its wide variety, offering more than 7,000 rooms in luxury hotels, upper-upscale hotels, boutique hotels, as well as fractional property, time-shares and condo hotels. The resort will also have four golf courses, which will be designed by the greatest names in this sport, a marina, large leisure and entertainment areas, services area, as well as a significant ecological conservation area.

This holiday resort will also offer state-of-the-art services and is designed in line with sustainability criteria and a perfect integration with the landscape and the environment. Loreto Paraíso is a very ambitious project aimed at the luxury market of mainly North Americans and Canadians, known as snowbirds: people with high spending power looking for a second home in order to spend the winter months in warmer climates.


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