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Reflections of the past 10 years ...

Where has the past 10 years gone???  I was looking back at my blog which originally started July 1st, 2006, when I packed up my bags and started my journey towards a new life in Loreto.Looking back I have to ask myself "What Was I Thinking??!!"Truly a leap of faith into the unknown abyss of desert in a foreign land.Those 3 years from July 2006 to June 2009, were indeed my Mid Life Crisis.

I experienced more highs by meeting and partying with the most interesting people who became lifelong friends.I started 5 businesses which included a Sushi Bar, B&B Hotel, Fishing Charters, Real Estate and Professional Services.By the end of 2007, all the businesses were in the black and I had 14 employees.By the end of 2008 (after the global crash), I had zero businesses and no employees.It was a wild ride and the Highs out numbered the Lows.

July 1, 2009, I started my Property Management business. I was lucky to have Veronica Salgado as my right hand person; Taco as the maintenance man,…
Happy Easter from Loreto, Mexico This week is Semana Santa or Holy Week; which is traditionally the most travelled weekend of the year in Mexico.   Families pack up their coolers, tents, food & drinks, as well as grandparents, cousins, teenagers and babies all head to the beach to spend a wonderful 3 or 4 days enjoying the surf, sand and sun.   I also took time off and there is no greater beauty of Loreto than from the water.   I wanted to share the following photos with you of the Islands of Loreto and how far our developments have come in just a few short years.   Have a great week and we look forward to seeing you soon! "Cherish your human connections - your relationships with friends and family" Barbara Bush  

Expansion of our Loreto Bay Homes Rental Program!The next few weeks will see hundreds of visitors descend upon our tranquil seaside village.  Families of all ages are coming from across Canada with the popular nonstop WestJet Airlines flight from Calgary, Alberta.Mexican families are coming by car or air with Aereo Calafia from Tijuana; or flying to La Paz from all over Mexico and driving up to the beach communities of Loreto.Semana Santa (Easter Holy Week) is the largest travel vacation week of the year where families get together to enjoy the sun, water and good food and fun.We have people coming from  USA, Monterrey, Mexico City and Cabo San Lucas to discover Loreto for the first time.It is all very exciting.

Loreto Bay Homes started our Rental Program in 2010, in an effort to help owners recover some of their expenses.In those days it was difficult to rent a home for $50 a night; or $500 a month.NOW we are renting our good 2 bedroom Chicas for $225 US a night; and may not consider …
Good Morning from Loreto! Spring is in the air, and it is another beautiful day in Loreto.I was out for an early morning walk seeking writer's inspiration Wandering through the residential areas of Aqua Viva (AV) certainly gave me an appreciation of how far we have come in only a few years since that fateful day of June 6, 2009.  

It always seems slower to those that are living the progress every day, and we tend to focus too much on the TO DO items left unfinished I was happy to take the time to stop and soak in the beauty and relish in the accomplishments of the AV Owners and the business people that helped them to obtain the dream and life in paradise.

While I was neck deep in our own issues in Founders Neighborhood (FN), I would often have AV friends come asking my opinion on what they should do, and if I thought it was worth the further investment.I always encouraged them to hang in there and said that AV would one day be the premier place to live in Loreto Bay.My favorite quote…
Hello ... I'm still here in Loreto! It has been over 6 years since I blogged about my adventures in Loreto.When people ask why I stopped writing, I simply said that I was too busy living ... or more accurately trying to dig myself and Loreto out from under the collapse and ruin that the "Perfect Storm" of global recession left us.I never considered returning to Canada or the USA for stable and secure employment.It was never an option to leave so many broken dreams and hopelessness behind when I was such an integral part of creating the virtual community that become my home.So with amazing support of my Mexican and Loreto Bay friends, we rolled up our sleeves and went to work on the road to recovery.It has been another amazing journey that provided me with more life lessons that one person should ever have to learn.Everyday there were experiences where I would have to improve my skills of patience, empathy, compassion, negotiation, compromise, and most importantly understa…