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Nellie’s Blogging Again in Loreto, Mexico

It has taken me a while to get re-energized about this place again. The last few years were a whirlwind of hard work with benefits that outweighed the sacrifices. I reached the top of the bluff, when all of sudden the ground beneath collapsed and I was falling fast. At times, I grasped a tree root that would stop the fall but only momentarily until it gave way. There were many spectators watching and chatting amongst themselves, offering opinions that were of little value. What made me stay were the residents here, both local and foreign, that showed empathy, support and kindness. Because of them, I still continue to Pay It Forward.

There are big changes coming and thrill seeker that I am, I wish to ride the wave once more. Being on the front line of change, we not only feel but live those precious curve balls of unexpected intrigue, drama, and rollercoaster size dips to ensure life is never dull. So, here I am again ready to start a …