Nellie’s Blogging Again in Loreto, Mexico

It has taken me a while to get re-energized about this place again. The last few years were a whirlwind of hard work with benefits that outweighed the sacrifices. I reached the top of the bluff, when all of sudden the ground beneath collapsed and I was falling fast. At times, I grasped a tree root that would stop the fall but only momentarily until it gave way. There were many spectators watching and chatting amongst themselves, offering opinions that were of little value. What made me stay were the residents here, both local and foreign, that showed empathy, support and kindness. Because of them, I still continue to Pay It Forward.

There are big changes coming and thrill seeker that I am, I wish to ride the wave once more. Being on the front line of change, we not only feel but live those precious curve balls of unexpected intrigue, drama, and rollercoaster size dips to ensure life is never dull. So, here I am again ready to start a new year, wiser, stronger, and more focused to continue my dream and destiny. So what’s new you may ask …
I have given up the lease on my beautiful building on the malecon waterfront. There were so many fond memories of Nellie’s Place Sushi Bar and Hotel that my friends shared with me. It was not a mistake, but an opportunity of a lifetime to fulfill a fantasy most people only dream about. I loved being Miss Nellie of Loreto and perhaps one day again Naughty Nellie’s will be the local watering hole.

BajaBOSS has downsized its business objectives considerably We have learned 10 years of education in a very short time and I have no doubt that Jeanny and I know more about foreign investment law and foreigners doing business in Mexico than anyone within a 200 mile radius. Jeanny Pinedo has taken over the day to day operations of BajaBOSS and focuses on land title transfers, with limited corporate and FM3 work.

Velero Del Mar still exists with our 34’ Luhrs Sportsfisher. With the slow down in economy, we have not been getting many charters, but we see this changing with the Dorado season coming up in June. Currently, we are considering selling fractional ownership in our boat, complete with maintenance, captain, and legal charter business.

This leaves me lots of time to focus on Dorado Properties Loreto and writing this blog. I will be posting my blog entries on the 1st and 15th of each month. They will still have the same flavor, but now that I am truly established as an Independent Real Estate Broker and no longer an extension of the Loreto Bay original team (most of whom are now a distant memory) my blogs will be more informative about real information on the ground that affects our community. I know inquiring minds what to know the “nitty gritty” details, but some things are better left to the imagination.

I am very happy to announce that Drew McNabb has joined our sales team. With his eternal optimism and passion for Loreto Bay, combined with his realistic experiences of buying his home with his wife Cathy over 5 years ago, he is a tremendous asset and friend to me and other homeowners. He has taken up the torch of sharing these moments on his blog Please visit his site and you will not be disappointed.

We are also very excited about having Dee Wise join our team. Dee purchased in the initial launch at the same time as Drew and myself, and we are friends, neighbors and a team to all those considering moving to our community. Dee has been diligent in her Spanish lessons and traveled much of Mexico over the past 5 years learning, experiencing and loving the culture, people and environment we live. Dee wishes to focus on the downtown real estate and is committed to sharing the vast richness of culture with both locals and foreigners alike.

Did you know that LBC has released Homeowners from their 90 day listing obligation with Loreto Bay Realty? This was made public by Michael Coyle last spring, and we now have the team in place to handle all the listings and buyers. We have an attractive website for re-sales and working on more internet advertising. Our team lives in Loreto Bay pretty much full time and are here to work.

It feels like déjà vu, all over again” … Yogi Berra

Here’s our new office located on the Town Square of Loreto. We have a magnificent location next to the Hotel Posada del Flores. The Governor of Baja Sur was here a few weeks ago in a ceremony to announce that the Town Square will be rejuvenated to be an open air square similar to other Mexican cities. This construction should start soon and take six months to complete. When it is finished, it will be a meeting place for locals and tourists, with benches and open areas for displays and ceremonies.

The building is a mess … we need new walls, new electrical, new bathrooms, new floor, new A/C, new lights, new signs, but now that I have the experience, we are able to gut this place and reopen … electricity and phones pending, in a matter of weeks. I have fabulous workmen and friends helping me, and their support has given me the fortitude and stamina to once again face the challenge of starting over. Like many of us, retirement has now gone from a few years away to Freedom 85.

Come visit our new office across from the Gazebo. It is good to be back and I look forward to leading the way in this small obscure frontier. I was told that “Pioneers are usually found face down with arrows in their back; and Settlers prosper”. Well, I was a pioneer and to those that threw arrows … all I can say is that they missed the vital arteries and my heart continues to settle in this little know paradise. Stay tuned, keep in touch, and See You In Loreto!

Miss Nellie

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