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What’s New In Loreto?
Parties, Dog Walkers, and Insurance

We get many questions about insurance in Mexico. Many people do not realize that their health benefits in the USA and Canada do not cover Air Evacuation back home.

A few years ago, I was involved in handling an air evacuation in Loreto. The Canadian man had heart difficulties and it was best to have him air evacuated. The insurance company, doctors, and local clinic were all excellent and very helpful. From the time the order was given it was 2 hours and a fully staffed air ambulance was standing by at Guadalajara Airport and ready to take off for Loreto. They landed at Loreto at 11:45 pm, drove to the clinic, and by 12:30 am had the patient in the plane ready to take off.

When an unexpected critical illness or injury occurs, while you are many miles from home, your safest alternative is to be transported home in a medically equipped and staffed air ambulance jet to the care of your personal health care provider in the USA an…
Party Time - Too Much Fun in Loreto!

As I sit and write this article, I have no idea what happened this week. Was it Good? Bad? Indifferent? I was racing and multi-tasking 20 different things at once and have no idea what I accomplished except that I broke a lot of ground uphill and only slid back halfway. That is pretty good when doing business in Loreto considering that each day generally means 3 steps forward and 2 back.

Yolanda’s house is progressing nicely. Contributions continue to roll in slowly. This picture is showing her kitchen and dining room enclosed, which used to be outside. Yolanda is very excited about the arched windows and ceiling and hopes to be finished in a few months. What a difference a few thousand make!

This week was One Year since I took over the building. I remember clearly what a mess the renovation was and how many times I had to drive to Los Cabos to buy lights, fixtures and all our supplies. I told Jeanny when we started that we would have 5…

This has been a whirlwind week and without my photos I am sure that I would not remember where in the world I was?

My friends Alejandro and Yolanda were visiting from Mexico City and we spent 3 days touring them around Loreto. This was their first time to Baja California Sur and when we called to invite them, they had to go buy a map of Baja to figure out where we were and they still could not find Loreto! They did not realize that there was so much beauty and development here as in Mexico City they only hear about La Paz and Tijuana. This photo was taken at the Marbella project in Nopolo.

Sherry and Dave of AV80 brought in some of their fresh fish catch for us to cook up. Yolanda made a wonderful meal by lightly sautéing the fish in butter and garlic with a simple salad on the side. I do not charge for this service, but simply say Please Tip Yolanda directly to contribute to her home renovation. She has started construction and now she ha…
Baja California Meeting Point Convention

This week I had my first trip to Tijuana for the Meeting Point 2007 convention. This is one of the largest gathering and informational seminars for Developers, Real Estate Brokers, Financers and Investors focusing on the Tourism Industry in Mexico. It was a Who’s Who among the sponsors, guest speakers, and attendees.

Most booths focused on Baja California Norte and we were pleased that Dorado Properties was the only sponsor and booth focusing primarily on Baja California Sur. My partner John Anderson and I, together with agents Cuco, Alberto, Victor, Samuel, and Ameyali made quite an impression as everyone recognized we were the Dorado Dream Team.

One of the most important meetings we had was with the Federal Secretary of Tourism, when he was perusing our Listings Book and meeting our team. We hope the book makes it back to Mexico City, but in any event, I am sure he will remember us. The secret is the Red Dress! Same one I wore for the P…
Changes at Loreto Bay Management

Loreto Bay has made an announcement to homeowners that I received second hand. Apparently I am no longer on their mailing list, but no matter as I still receive the information. Many homeowners have shared their private comments with me and their thoughts, as well as asking me what I really know. Basically all are very optimistic about the prospect of the largest financial institution in the world taking over the project. What happens long term is still to be seen, but word is that the Posadas and the Beach Club are being built soon. There is much due diligence still going on, and maverick ways will soon be curtailed. This is all good and I have not talked to anyone who feels it is a negative. The time is now for change to move forward efficiently and effectively.

Personally I am of mixed emotions. It is time for change and I welcome and embrace the new era of corporate discipline and bottom line figures. From my days at IBM, this is a familiar…