Baja California Meeting Point Convention

This week I had my first trip to Tijuana for the Meeting Point 2007 convention. This is one of the largest gathering and informational seminars for Developers, Real Estate Brokers, Financers and Investors focusing on the Tourism Industry in Mexico. It was a Who’s Who among the sponsors, guest speakers, and attendees.

Most booths focused on Baja California Norte and we were pleased that Dorado Properties was the only sponsor and booth focusing primarily on Baja California Sur. My partner John Anderson and I, together with agents Cuco, Alberto, Victor, Samuel, and Ameyali made quite an impression as everyone recognized we were the Dorado Dream Team.

One of the most important meetings we had was with the Federal Secretary of Tourism, when he was perusing our Listings Book and meeting our team. We hope the book makes it back to Mexico City, but in any event, I am sure he will remember us. The secret is the Red Dress! Same one I wore for the President of Mexico and HE certainly noticed.

I gave a presentation on the area of Loreto, its beauty and the emerging mega projects here which included Loreto Bay Company and the following:

• The Fadesa Group from Spain who are building 6,500 units plus amenities and investing Billions of Dollars into this area. They are developing 4 major resorts in Mexico and the one in Loreto will be their largest.

• Omen Hotels is among the Worlds Most Exclusive Boutique Hotels and is investing $20 Million Dollars into this area for its luxury seeking clients.

• The Villa Group of Mexico will be starting to break ground on its 5000 hotel rooms in the Ensenada Blanca area just 15 minutes south of Loreto. They are projecting to have 2000 rooms open for business by 2009.

The speech was well received and we had many inquiries and interested investors, potential buyers, and realtors all wanting more information and visited the booth afterwards.

John was on a panel discussing the Buyer’s Profile for the Sea of Cortez Region. He was joined by Brendan Mann from Trump Realty Baja, William Signet, President of Land America Services of Mexico, Alonzo Stell, AMPI President of La Paz, and Luis Bustamante APIT president. The moderator was Michael Condon of Prudential Baja. This was attended by hundreds of real estate brokers and developers and was well worthwhile.

We made many valuable contacts and substantially increased the visibility of Baja California Sur and our services. John has created a full service real estate brokerage firm in La Paz over the past 5 years and we are already well on our way to replicating the same in Loreto. What makes us different from all others in Baja California Sur is that we are a one stop solution for land purchase and development. Dorado Properties specializes in entitlements for federal concessions, environmental impact, water rights and all other necessary permits.

We have over 30 employees in both our Dorado Properties La Paz and Loreto offices, and have solid relationships with many notarios, lawyers, accountants, and government agencies. We have listings from $7500 to $750 Million Dollars and cover the entire state of Baja California Sur. Currently, we have over $1.5 Billion Dollars in listings inventory and just getting started to taking Baja California Sur by storm.

Here are John, myself, Samuel and Victor, enjoying the black tie event. It is quite curious that many people do not know the definition of black tie anymore. These days a suit and tie are acceptable. There were over 250 people in attendance, and we saw one tuxedo. Most men were in the same suits they were wearing during the day, but all the women were dressed up in cocktail dresses. It was a nice event to award the Developer of the Year who had the vision and foresight to develop a much needed product less than one hour from the border.

The first night we all decided that we wanted to go across the street to Carl’s Jr. What can I say except that when you live in Loreto … you appreciate what everyone else takes for granted...the $6 Burger and onion rings. The second night we went to Fonda Argentina Restaurant with its enormous steaks and salads. I don’t know what the Argentineans do to their meat, but it is so incredibly delicious and tender. Very yummy and we had lots of laughs as we were so deliriously tired and the cervezas were going down very easily.

From left to right here are Cuco, Alberto, Ameyali and John Anderson. I drove from Loreto to La Paz early Tuesday morning and took the flight to Tijuana with Aero California. The flight cost from Loreto to Tijuana with Aero Mexico was over $800 USD return, and in comparison it was $370 USD return from La Paz. Coming back on Saturday, it was a long exhausting week of nonstop meeting and greeting, networking, and too much free tequila as one of the sponsors was Jose Cuervo the tequila company. Good news is that I was able to drive from La Paz airport to my Loreto Bay home in 3 hours because the bridges and road work have been completed. That was a record for me! It is good to be back in Loreto, which I missed after 5 long days.

Have a great week!

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