Party Time - Too Much Fun in Loreto!

As I sit and write this article, I have no idea what happened this week. Was it Good? Bad? Indifferent? I was racing and multi-tasking 20 different things at once and have no idea what I accomplished except that I broke a lot of ground uphill and only slid back halfway. That is pretty good when doing business in Loreto considering that each day generally means 3 steps forward and 2 back.

Yolanda’s house is progressing nicely. Contributions continue to roll in slowly. This picture is showing her kitchen and dining room enclosed, which used to be outside. Yolanda is very excited about the arched windows and ceiling and hopes to be finished in a few months. What a difference a few thousand make!

This week was One Year since I took over the building. I remember clearly what a mess the renovation was and how many times I had to drive to Los Cabos to buy lights, fixtures and all our supplies. I told Jeanny when we started that we would have 5 businesses and 14 staff in one year, and sure enough we made it happen. No wonder we are so tired!! It is still a struggle, but everyone doing business here feels the same.

Tropical Storm Kiko blew in tonight which caused havoc with my Nellie’s Hotel and Bar sign again. The 35 mph winds tore it from the building and it was hanging by a single post. Luckily I had Mike, Andrew and David, staying at the hotel who knew how to handle securing the sign before it blew off again. Having the hotel is a great meeting place and my guests certainly are made to feel part of the family.

The cruise ships are starting to visit again for the season. There are rumors that the City is looking at plans to dredge the marina to create a port for a Cruise Ship Dock. This will increase Loreto’s exposure and change the current quaintness of coming to shore and seeing the many pangas with pelicans waiting to feed. When will this happen? … Quien Sabe!

Holland America Cruise Line was here this week and on a beautiful bright sunny morning the taxis were all washed and lined up ready to take the hordes of tourists the few blocks to the Mission and town square. Many strolled up and down the malecon and we had many visitors drop by our offices wondering why all the shops were closed for siesta between 1 and 5 pm when the ship was in? Quien Sabe!!

There are many people in town this week, and I met many more friends and neighbors who came to visit me at Nellie’s Place. It was Ariel Klein and Peter Boddy’s (FN44) one year wedding anniversary and they had many friends join them celebrate. Congratulations! Bob and Rose Rourke (FN130) dropped by tonight after arriving by way of an adventure from Los Cabo. Like many people, the first thing they did was visit Nellie’s to say hello.

Here are Gaby and Ana before we went out on the town. From Nellie’s Bar, we walked up to Mike’s Bar to say hello and check out Chaco who is amazing on the guitar. Mike’s is always fun and entertaining after 11:30 pm. Jarros & Tarros is a new bar that opened up next to Blazers Sports on the main street just up from Mike’s Bar. This is owned by Fernando who works at Loreto Bay Property Management. It has a nice atmosphere with music and lots of Loreto Bay staff and local people.

After staying at Jarros & Tarros past 1 am, it was time to go dancing at Black & White. Alison, Rodolfo, me and Doug were getting down to techno pop music along with many friends from Loreto Bay and the local crowd until closing at 4 am. It was crowded and everyone was having a great time. There was lots of good energy.

Another great bar is Salon Baja next to Nellie’s Place on the malecon. It is located where Macaws used to be. It has been newly renovated with large oval bar, couches, and nice atmosphere under the stars. The music is more what I am accustomed to as an “older” person and this is one of my favorite late night spots.

My friend Alison from Victoria and I had a lot of fun going a little too crazy in this sleepy town. Not too many beautiful blondes in Loreto and it was fun to get all the attention! What can I say except … “This is Loreto!”

Have a great week!


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