This has been a whirlwind week and without my photos I am sure that I would not remember where in the world I was?

My friends Alejandro and Yolanda were visiting from Mexico City and we spent 3 days touring them around Loreto. This was their first time to Baja California Sur and when we called to invite them, they had to go buy a map of Baja to figure out where we were and they still could not find Loreto! They did not realize that there was so much beauty and development here as in Mexico City they only hear about La Paz and Tijuana. This photo was taken at the Marbella project in Nopolo.

Sherry and Dave of AV80 brought in some of their fresh fish catch for us to cook up. Yolanda made a wonderful meal by lightly sautéing the fish in butter and garlic with a simple salad on the side. I do not charge for this service, but simply say Please Tip Yolanda directly to contribute to her home renovation. She has started construction and now she has walls enclosing her kitchen. She is very excited and proud of the progress and I will be showing photos soon.

Larry and Kara from San Diego dropped by to say hello. They are friends of Loreto Bay homeowners Jane and Sharon of FN203, and had to come and check out what their friends were so excited about. We had a great visit talking about the wildlife here and thinking of new ideas for Public Station television. This is Larry’s business and I don’t think it will take much for them to visit again soon.

Max is a regular at Nellie’s Bar. It is a dog’s life at Loreto Bay and well behaved canines are always welcome at Nellie’s Place. The same rules apply that we do not accept obnoxious, noisy, or butt sniffing behavior in our establishment by any animals – 2 or 4 legged. We don’t have many rules, but have to draw the line somewhere?!

Many of my girlfriends were here from Scottsdale last weekend and it was great to see them again. When I worked there the young people would call me their “cool mom” and I miss their spirit very much. From left to right there is Jennifer, Heather, me, Cynthia, Keysha, and Laurie. There is no doubt that Loreto Bay has the most beautiful girls on their team.

The golf course greens on the Back 9 are coming in nicely and being watered daily. The weather has finally turned cool, with temperatures in the high 80’s and low 90’s during the day. It is amazing how different the place looks and feels when it is not a dust bowl or giant sand pit. I have been told that it seems that things are getting done a little faster now that Citigroup is in charge, or perhaps it is that people are paying more attention.

Dorado Properties Loreto is pleased to welcome Brenda Calger to our Sales Team. We congratulate Brenda on becoming a Mexican Citizen! Brenda has been living in Loreto for 10 years and joins our Loretano Sales Agents who provide the most knowledgeable customer service about this area and its history. Come by and say hello to Brenda in our offices or email her at

Baja BOSS’s newest client is THE BAJA EXPERIENCE. At The Baja Experience, YOU get behind the wheel and drive the unrivaled Baja Champ Truck. Strap on your helmet, cinch up your gloves, tighten your safety belts and take one last gaze over the calm panorama of ocean, desert and mountains that surround the Baja Peninsula. Your pulse quickens as the fire-breathing engine of the Baja Champ Truck roars to life.

Crucial instructions from the Expert Staff at The Baja Experience race through your mind one last time as you put the throttle down, tearing across the desert landscape, devouring ruts, jumps and rocks that would incapacitate lesser vehicles. It takes only a moment to realize that this is a rare experience normally reserved for the racing legends of Baja.

Baja BOSS is helping with choosing their location, importation, legal, tax and immigration requirements, permitting, and local introductions to hospitality and services. We are very excited about working with THE BAJA EXPERIENCE and it will be a wild ride! Check them out at

This will be a niche tourism market and very exciting to have their operations run out of Loreto. The Baja 1000 pre-runners will be in town over the next 3 weeks checking out the routes and having some fun. Here is Don Andres my night watchman taking his job very seriously. Last spring I had many Harley bikes parked in front of my office and hotel, and now we have moved up a few notches to the Pro Truck category. All I can say is WOW!! Living La Vida Loca in Loreto!


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