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Fishing, Giant Squid, and Film Crews in Loreto!

The Dorado have arrived!! The temperatures are getting hotter and the water is warm. Steve Lischka from Oklahoma chartered REEL TROUBLE for fishing and he certainly got more than he bargained for. He wanted to catch some yellowfin jurel but they are near the end of the season and we did not have much luck. We headed northeast about 35 miles and Chino found a school of dorado. We slowed down and watched excitedly as they were all around us.

Chino and Latcho quickly threw down 4 lines and we did not have to wait long. First Steve caught this nice decent fish to get warmed up. Latcho did not feel it was worthy of a photo, slightly larger than bait fish … so he quickly put it in the holding tank to get down to more serious matters.

I hooked a smaller Dorado, maybe 20 lbs., but rather than bring it in … we kept it on the line. Chino and Latcho said this was so that “granddaddy” would come. We got anther bite, so now we had 2 “Fish O…
In Loreto …. It’s All About The Water …

Deborah Scanlon is my guest blogger this week. Deborah has been coming to Loreto almost 15 years and initially discovered Loreto fishing with friends. She eventually bought a home here and looks forward to semi-retirement and more time in Loreto enjoying the activities and people she loves here. She enjoys photography, kayaking, hiking, fishing, snorkeling, exploring, and just enjoying the ever present sunshine and natural beauty of Loreto. "I feel blessed to have so many dear and interesting friends that share a love of Loreto and that participate in community" Deborah left a successful career in high tech and data security to work in Loreto which allows her more time there. While not in Loreto she makes her home in Huntington Beach, CA---Surf City USA. Three of many things she would love to do in life; Through hike the Pacific Crest or Appalachian Trail, Ride a bicycle from Tijuana to Cabo, and learn to surf.

What magic does …
Happy Mother’s Day! New Hospital in Loreto, Mexico

We wrote this for Nellie because she told us she needed a break, and what a better time to give a gift than on Mother’s Day that she was able to spend with her mother and daughter in Victoria. This guest blog is about our tour of the new hospital that was given by Dr. Carranza, Director, to invited foreigners on April 22, 2008.

Here are a few pix from the tour. It was a fairly typical Mexican event, started late, was disorganized and everybody seemed to have a good time! The Director of the Hospital gave the tour, he looks to be in his 30's speaks better than adequate English and I was impressed by the responsibility he has at his age. Opening a new Hospital in Mexico is not an everyday event and it is obviously a significant honor to be chosen for this position.

My impressions include; the building is much larger than I had any idea of from the outside, I'm not an expert at this sort of thing but I would guess it could be as m…
Where In The World Is Nellie??

Quien Sabe??!!

Nellie was last seen working at the office on Dais de Trabajo, Mexican Labor Day Holiday ... and then she's gone.... MIA

Here's a hint... she is 4400 miles away from Loreto.

Let us know if you see an sightings....

Have a good week ...