Fishing, Giant Squid, and Film Crews in Loreto!

The Dorado have arrived!! The temperatures are getting hotter and the water is warm. Steve Lischka from Oklahoma chartered REEL TROUBLE for fishing and he certainly got more than he bargained for. He wanted to catch some yellowfin jurel but they are near the end of the season and we did not have much luck. We headed northeast about 35 miles and Chino found a school of dorado. We slowed down and watched excitedly as they were all around us.

Chino and Latcho quickly threw down 4 lines and we did not have to wait long. First Steve caught this nice decent fish to get warmed up. Latcho did not feel it was worthy of a photo, slightly larger than bait fish … so he quickly put it in the holding tank to get down to more serious matters.

I hooked a smaller Dorado, maybe 20 lbs., but rather than bring it in … we kept it on the line. Chino and Latcho said this was so that “granddaddy” would come. We got anther bite, so now we had 2 “Fish On”… and we waited. A few moments later, Steve got a huge pull and now we were fishing! Lots of activity as we pulled in the other fish and not get the lines tangled, and Chino maneuvering the boat so that Steve would not lose the fish he had on. After 30 minutes, it was a beautiful sight to pull our prize Dorado of the season. We continued to catch several large dorado until the client was happy, then we headed for home. In a few weeks, we will update the photos on the website

This boat is often moored in Cabo but the first time I have seen in Loreto, our little town is gaining attention. My sources tell me that it belongs to one of the original Microsoft Moguls, but it is not Gates or Bulmer. It has been in Loreto for over a week and the crew come into town to enjoy the local Happy Hours and buy their groceries. We see the helicopter doing some fly-bys and am sure scenic tours of the area, but no rich and famous sightings yet.

There was another 120 foot yacht in the harbor enjoying the Isles of Loreto, along with a variety of smaller luxury boats like this 50 ft cruiser. It is amazing how quickly we become accustomed to seeing these kinds of changes and no one objects to the wealthy using this as their playground. In fact, the locals kind of wish they would stay and spend more time (and money). As I always say … Be careful what you wish for …. You just might get it!

Last week, I met Troy Parkinson, Field Producer/Director, from Fargo, ND and Steve Olson, Director of Photography. They chartered our boat to film Dale Pearson and Rob Arrington, searching for the Giant Humboldt squid for Discovery Channel. They loved our boat and we like being associated with the film industry. Steve kept us in stitches of laughter as he talked about his other prime time TV show on the Travel Network Bizarre Foods. It is aired on Tuesdays nights and now I will be tuning in to see the most delectable exotic foods around the world.

Today I am in Santa Rosalia, which is 200 kms north or Loreto, and Port for the Ferry to Guyamas on the mainland. Singular (Fonatur) has spent a lot of money in the last year improving this dock and its facilities and it is one of the steps on the Nautical Ladder.

The tranquility of waking up to the sound of the fish jumping in the water and the gentle rocking motion of the boat is hypnotic. After this trip, I really believe that the advantage to belonging to the Velero Del Mar membership program is to be able to take the boat out, with captain, for several days and explore the islands and abundant natural beauty. It’s a great thing for 2 people to do for 3 or 4 days. Cruise, fish, snorkel, eat and drink, snooze, while Captain Chino takes care of your safety and navigation.

The boat is reserved all this week for Eric Galler, Head of Operations for Creative Differences Productions, based in Washington, DC. They are also filming a segment for Discovery Channel. The star and celebrity is Scott Turel, who invented the technique of filming the Giant Humboldt squid. He is famous in this area as all the locals want to meet and see the crazy man that encounters these cannibals that can exceed 20 feet in length, face to face, and then deliberately makes them mad! Here’s a photo of Scott, his Manager Shauna, and myself, after a very long 11 hour day filming. Scott is highly respected in his field and after watching a full day, there is no doubt that he is the Master.

In closing, the Memorial Service for Dan Murphy was held at the INN at Loreto Bay this week and there were about 100 people in attendance to honor him. His beautiful wife Jeannie was there, and it brought tears to everyone’s eyes how much she missed him and made us realize the importance of love and life. There was a tree planted in remembrance of Dan Murphy at the INN near the back garden. Dan’s good friends and partners Rob Kater, Jose Ramon Noriega, and Randy Wagner were the first to add soil to the tree in final support of Dan and his new journey. Many of us are still here making the original vision of Loreto Bay happen … poco y poco, which is exactly what Dan would have wanted. We will miss you, our friend.


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