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Welcome Home … It’s good to be back in Baja!

I remember in my Grade 12 graduation scrapbook, I wrote “you can do without people, but you can’t do without friends.” I had no idea what that meant at the time, but it is becoming clearer day by day as I approach middle age (okay … the number is relative!) and life in Loreto Bay. For those of you that understand … you will smile; for those that don’t … you are not old enough!

It was a whirlwind vacation that I can’t wait to share with you during the quiet of summer, but it is good to be back in Baja. I flew last minute from New York to San Jose Del Cabo for $213 USD including tax. Amazing, why I don’t get out more often!! Lots of construction happening in Cabo, but for me it was a pit stop to go to La Paz to meet the Notario #13 Nancy Hevia for signing Loreto Bay closing documents.

Nancy is a very good friend of mine, and it was great to catch up. Notarios in Mexico are similar to Judges in the USA. They remain neutral parties at …
Baja Boss versus Bahia Management … Competition is Good

Reporting to you live from New York City ... I was very pleased to see Bahia Management’s email yesterday quoting reasons why you should be using them. Competition is good and at the very least I am forcing the old Loreto Bay group to re-evaluate their costs by quoting in pesos and offering more personal services.

Rodolfo and his team, Jenny, Dahir, Arturo and Ramon, are all hard workers, and if you had responsive service at a good value, then they have nothing to worry about. There is enough business for everyone, including the several Independents now doing Property Management.

Many of you know me personally, and have watched me stand up for the homeowners throughout the years. My tenacity and integrity for doing what is right outweigh my ambitions. I could have quietly started a property management company taking on 50 homes and gone under the radar just like the Independents. Our prices and services are competitive, and…
Happy Father’s Day to Dads Everywhere!

Best Wishes and a great day to all men who have shown kindness, offered support, and made a small but significant difference to children’s lives along the path of growing up and life.

I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father's protection. ~~By Sigmund Freud (1856-1939)~~
This week I vacationed in Seattle, New York and now Halifax (Canada), but that is another story for a less anxious time. Being removed and away from the day to day naval-gazing (useless or excessive self-contemplation) of Loreto Bay is definitely a recommended mental health break. The few of us that live there most of the time (about 20 great people) all become beacons for those that dream one day of doing the same.

I remember before I had my house finished, we talked of cool drinks and parties, community and neighbors. We did that for a while and had many good days. It was nice to make new friends and learn about their interests, trave…
BAJA BOSS Launches Property Management Program

We are pleased to launch our Property Management Program and thank everyone for their support. We believe we can start with 70 clients and that over time, our reputation and services will allow us to continue to grow and be an intrical part of this community. Daniel Leal will be the Operations Manager and oversee all responsibilities on a day to day basis.

We are very happy to welcome Roberto Gonzalez, who continues from his role at the INN at Loreto Bay as our Lead Concierge offering excellent customer relationships with our many friends. Many of you know VerĂ³nica Salgado from the INN front desk,who will be our Office Administrator and looking after client invoices and bill payments.

Our housekeepers will be full time and in house. They have proven experience in meeting North American standards, and completely trust worthy.

Our property Inspectors are experienced maintenance men who can recognize small problems before they become…
Loreto Bay Updates … Project Manager for AV Construction now decided

There are so many meetings and negotiations going on right now, the anxiety on the surface pales by comparison to the frenzy going on behind the scenes. Life as part of the core of Loreto Bay means that we cruise along like a duck on the water… another calm sunny day. Meanwhile, underneath the surface our little legs are going a mile a minute and our heart is racing faster than the mind can keep up.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy … don’t you hate it when people say that during times when things seem so unstable? However, the old adage has some merit. It has been confirmed that Fonatur will not allow the golf course to deteriorate at any cost. Pressure has been put on Citi to make sure this does not happen. Our crown jewel will be preserved.

Secondly, there has now been a corporate decision that BECK Construction will oversee the completion of construction for Aqua Viva. BECK has been on the ground for quite some time …
ALASKA AIRLINES 48 hour SALE to Loreto, Mexico

Finally, some good news for Loreto Bay homeowners and visitors!

Alaska Airlines has announced 25% off its published fares for travel between June 16, 2009 and October 31, 2009. Some sample fares (before taxes) that I found were:

$452.00 Calgary to Loreto Return in October;

$331.20 San Francisco to Loreto Return in August;

$271.20 Lax to Loreto Return in September;

Use Discount Code:
for travel to and from Mexico Beach Destinations
Hurry! Offer expires this Tuesday, June 16, 2009, at 11:59 p.m. (PT)

Book now! Come and see for yourself what is going on and remember how wonderful this place can really be.

By the way, I am in Seattle today and heading towards New York. I will not be back to Loreto until July 1st, 2009, for those that want to see me.

Have a great week!

Miss Nellie
Random Recollections and Reflections in My Spare Time

Which headline best depicts this image?
1) Swine in the INN at Loreto Bay Pool
2) Entrepreneurs - Time to Sink or Swim
3) Citi Babes deserting sinking ship

I would like to thank all the people who wrote to me in the last couple of days (has it only been 2?) with their support of my new property management company. There has been enough interest generated that we can now move to the next steps of finalizing our services and price list, which will be emailed out and posted here on Thursday, June 18.

It is a little risky to be the first out with actual prices as we open ourselves up to undercutting by the competition. However, competition is good because it keeps prices honest and there is a need to provide better value and services to keep client loyalty.

Baja BOSS Property Management Services will be a full service company and our objective is not only to exceed your expectations, but offer the experience of truly having your own …
Loreto Bay Property Management Ceases to Exist

Loreto Bay informed all its homeowners this evening that effective tomorrow, June 12, 2009; all Property Management services will no longer be provided.
Through the dream came the Vision of Community, and even though this is a very sad week for all of us, we need to keep the faith and believe that we will get through this together. I am at a loss of words for all the good friends that I will miss.

However, dealing with the immediate issue at hand, I feel that I need to make the best of the situation and create a positive solution.

There are only two ways to do business here. One is to be a sole proprietor and keep the business small; or to have a volume of business to warrant all the legal, tax, and labor commitments that a full business has. I am the exploring the option of the latter. Baja Boss is a legal entity and ready to start our Property Management Services commencing July 1st, 2009.

I have chosen Daniel Leal to be my Property M…
Loreto Bay Company – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

By now anyone with an investment in Loreto Bay has received the following email sent last night

TSD Loreto Partners, S. en C. por A. de C.V. (the “Company”) regrets to inform its clients and stakeholders that, due to the challenging situation in the international real estate and financial markets, all operating and construction activities for Loreto Bay (the “Project”) will be suspended.

This is a prudent financial decision that is of little surprise to those involved in the project for the past year. However, in its normal inept communication style, Loreto Bay Company had total disregard of how this announcement was handled and how this decision immediately affects peoples’ investments, lives, and their families. I have been a strong advocate of this company from the beginning, even when I disagreed with management and their decisions. There is no justification that a hotel employee finds out he is out of a job today from a guest i…