Loreto Bay Updates … Project Manager for AV Construction now decided

There are so many meetings and negotiations going on right now, the anxiety on the surface pales by comparison to the frenzy going on behind the scenes. Life as part of the core of Loreto Bay means that we cruise along like a duck on the water… another calm sunny day. Meanwhile, underneath the surface our little legs are going a mile a minute and our heart is racing faster than the mind can keep up.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy … don’t you hate it when people say that during times when things seem so unstable? However, the old adage has some merit. It has been confirmed that Fonatur will not allow the golf course to deteriorate at any cost. Pressure has been put on Citi to make sure this does not happen. Our crown jewel will be preserved.

Secondly, there has now been a corporate decision that BECK Construction will oversee the completion of construction for Aqua Viva. BECK has been on the ground for quite some time now and is one of the world’s largest builders. They have the experience building the Loreto Bay Homes and the infrastructure already in place to mobilize by Friday.

This late breaking news has just happened and Beck will come out with communications to the homeowners very soon on how things will be handled. I have received many inquiries regarding TCC’s update and since I am not Loreto, I do not have all the information that they do. However, I can say that the information they provide about the contractors leaving is accurate and should not be dismissed. Let’s wait and see what BECK says… after all it is only Wednesday and things happen at lightening speed when they need to.

Thirdly, I have drafted Baja BOSS’s Property Management FAQ and Services List and will be posting the same tomorrow as promised, so people can make decisions this weekend about the management of their homes. If nothing else, we are responsive!!

Until tomorrow… as the stomach turns…

Miss Nellie

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