Baja Boss versus Bahia Management … Competition is Good

Reporting to you live from New York City ... I was very pleased to see Bahia Management’s email yesterday quoting reasons why you should be using them. Competition is good and at the very least I am forcing the old Loreto Bay group to re-evaluate their costs by quoting in pesos and offering more personal services.

Rodolfo and his team, Jenny, Dahir, Arturo and Ramon, are all hard workers, and if you had responsive service at a good value, then they have nothing to worry about. There is enough business for everyone, including the several Independents now doing Property Management.

Many of you know me personally, and have watched me stand up for the homeowners throughout the years. My tenacity and integrity for doing what is right outweigh my ambitions. I could have quietly started a property management company taking on 50 homes and gone under the radar just like the Independents. Our prices and services are competitive, and really no different than what others are promising.

However, when I realized that Bahia Management could very well be the same type of monopoly organization than LBC was famous for, I simply had to force the issue and give homeowners a choice. Was I wrong? Is this a thankless task? I don’t think so.

There are two main differences between us and Bahia Management. Firstly, Baja Boss does not handle income for short term rental program, as we do not believe it will be economically feasible in the next 12 months. We can make reservations, clean and prepare the unit with hotel type toiletries, and offer concierge service to you and your guests, at no additional service fee other than the normal cleaning and supply costs. Bahia Management will handle receipt of funds, deduct their service fee and tax withholdings, and submit the net proceeds to you.

Secondly, we do not assume your voting rights at the SubRegime Annual General Meeting where budgets and committees, along with rules affecting the entire development are passed. We will attend these meetings at no additional cost to represent your vote; however, it will be with your instructions. Bahia Management’s contract appoints them to attend all meetings and exercise their vote “to preserve the reputation and value of the Property and of the Condominium Regime” which could be a conflict position depending upon the shareholders of the Bahia Management and Balandra Management (Condo Services).

Baja Boss Property Management does pay all your bills, including insurance, Bank Trusts, Property taxes, and we offer full services. We came out with a comprehensive Service Price List based on a sound business plan and real operating budgets. I have the advantage of having 3 years on the ground business experience in Loreto, with my own resources and capital. I have had to pay rent, telephones, maintenance men, advertising, salaries and benefits, without any support or backing from Loreto Bay Company.

It will be interesting to see how it plays out, but I am committed to this endeavor and Loreto. We now have enough homes to commence as of July 1st, and look forward to getting started. This is another decision and/or hurdle for the homeowners to get through, but at least this is not written in LBC stone. If you choose a service provider and are not happy, you can always change in a few months. Baja Boss only requires one full calendar’s months notice should you wish to terminate your services agreement. Competition is good for all.

I am having SO much fun, but alas will be leaving the BIG APPLE to fly to Cabo San Lucas tomorrow so that I can be in La Paz to sign documents Friday before there are no more authorized signatories available for TSD Loreto (Loreto Bay Company). When something needs to be done, or people are counting on me, I do whatever is necessary, including cutting my vacation short.

I will be back in Loreto this weekend … in case you are wondering Where In the World Is Nellie!

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