Happy Father’s Day to Dads Everywhere!

Best Wishes and a great day to all men who have shown kindness, offered support, and made a small but significant difference to children’s lives along the path of growing up and life.

I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father's protection. ~~By Sigmund Freud (1856-1939)~~

This week I vacationed in Seattle, New York and now Halifax (Canada), but that is another story for a less anxious time. Being removed and away from the day to day naval-gazing (useless or excessive self-contemplation) of Loreto Bay is definitely a recommended mental health break. The few of us that live there most of the time (about 20 great people) all become beacons for those that dream one day of doing the same.

I remember before I had my house finished, we talked of cool drinks and parties, community and neighbors. We did that for a while and had many good days. It was nice to make new friends and learn about their interests, travels, and family. Now the conversation almost always turns to Loreto Bay, the good, the bad and the ugly. I look forward to those happy days again when these uncertain times are behind us, and we can laugh at ourselves and celebrate a hassle free existence in this sleepy little paradise.

Before, I get onto business and my latest views on what is transpiring I want to take this opportunity to wish all men a Happy Father’s Day and hope you all are enjoying and celebrating the special person called DAD!

What a week! Emotions were high and sensibility took a back seat to the confusion coming to a climax this week in Loreto. Homeowners, investors, and interested parties watched while the story unfolds like broken fragments before our eyes. Other than the one day barricade set up by the construction workers in and out of Loreto Bay, things seemed very quiet and peaceful on the surface.

Most of the homeowners have now received my FAQ on Baja BOSS Property Management Services. We are setting up to be a full service agency to provide premier services to those homeowners that consider this to be their second home and want the home in prime condition along with personal concierge staff services.

Daniel and I, along with Roberto (Concierge) and a small staff of maintenance men and housekeepers, will be located on the paseo in Loreto Bay. We will be very hands on while we learn efficiencies of scale and what services the customer truly wants. This process we will learn together and we have the flexibility and versatility to make things happen quickly. After this initial tropical storm and transition of security period is over, we will review the option of less frequent inspections and/or other services requested.

With Bob Toubman’s (Condo Association Administrator) recent announcement yesterday that:

The Master Condominium Regime Committee and each of the Subcondominium Committees have unanimously approved the transfer of authority as Administrator to a new Condominium Regime Management Company named Balandra Management. This company is led by me and will be staffed by the existing Condo Management team in place at the current time. This company will replace the Loreto Bay entity Loreto Condominium Services. Bank accounts for the new company are expected to be open early next week.

Baja Boss Property Management will include as part of their service at no additional cost, the payment of monthly Home Owner Association Fees and the Security fee. It is my opinion that the Condo Association Management Company should be an arms length third party representing the homeowners’ interests before their shareholders or employees. By paying only authorized assessments and attending at the meetings with the homeowner’s vote, we can ensure that all information regarding upcoming changes are relayed as soon as they happen and things do not slip past while most homeowners are too busy to pay attention to all their emails. This is what we do … look after all your interests, not just your home.

The property management services themselves are fairly straight forward. In reviewing our Services Price List, you will find our ancillary costs for landscaping, pest control, air conditioning maintenance, and housekeeping to be much lower than previous charges set by Loreto Bay. With my three years of living in a Loreto Bay home full time, and Daniel’s hotel management of the Whales Inn and being Mexican, we understand what truly needs to be done and the most expedient way to accomplish it.

Competition is good and no matter which you property manager you choose at this time, it is good to know that there are other options and competitive services available.

I will be back in Loreto sometime next week and full time over the summer. See you soon!

Miss Nellie

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