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This Weather Is For The Birds

It has been a very quiet week and I was wondering what to write about this morning as I lay in bed at 8 am. Then all of a sudden, the earth moved. I needed to look behind me to be sure I was alone. And Yes, I was. A few minutes later, it happened again and being from the west coast, I knew it was an earthquake. It lasted only a few seconds and felt like a big truck driving past the house. It was 5.3 in magnitude and 60 miles from Loreto. Nothing to worry about, but it always creates a little excitement in our normally passive lives. You can check it out for yourself at
We have been having extremely strong winds this month. The weather has been bright and sunny with temperatures averaging about 68F during the day. However, we have had many days and nights with winds measuring 31 mph or 50 km/ph. At night the wind chill is very cold, and during the day there are times you can not…
Happy Chinese New Year!

We are excited to ring in the Year of the Fire Pig -- an event that happens only once every 600 years. This is the kind of year that brings greater opportunities for growth, expansion, prosperity and more. It is always better to be Lucky than Smart, so I am encouraging all to embrace this year and feel that it will reap many benefits and rewards based on hard work and challenging adventures. Okay, okay, I know I sound like a fortune cookie … but I can not help myself. A life time of subliminal messaging of my Chinese ancestry is now entwined with my Wild Wild West life in Loreto.

I was lucky enough to spend a day with my very good buddies and partners in Velero Del Mar Yacht Membership Program, Scott Montell and Josh Swift. We drove the 1 ½ hours out to Puerto Mateos on the west coast and were greeted by a festival of entertainment. There were many delicious food stalls with fresh fish, tortas, and souvenirs. After picking up a quick taco for the boat t…
Nellie´s VIP Hotel Suite Now Opens

This week’s theme is luxury. The most extensive renovation to our building was the VIP suite which was just 3 walls and a ceiling when I took over the building October 17. We had to build the bathroom with shower, lightening, A/C, glass wall of windows and doors for balcony, tiling, painting, furnishings and d├ęcor.

It is approximately 500 square feet, with private second floor waterfront balcony and new bathroom for $150 USD per night. This is approximately $100 less than anything comparable in Loreto, and keeps with our mandate to provide good value ensuring customer loyalty.

Our first guests were Bob and Rose Rourke of FN130, who stayed for 5 nights while they waited to accept their new Loreto Bay home. They had a wonderful time and told everyone how beautiful their room was. We were happy to have them enjoy their visit and especially our team’s hospitality.

I visited Rich and Jean Rajacich of FN105 who are here to check the progress of the…
New Real Estate Company in Loreto

I am pleased to announce that I am joining John Anderson to open DORADO PROPERTIES LORETO February 2007. John has successfully owned Dorado Properties LaPaz for the last several years and brings an experienced team of professionals, systems, contracts, and knowledge of Baja real estate and all its possible pitfalls to Dorado Properties Loreto.

Having been a ReMax Realtor in my past life and buying, renovating and renting properties in Canada, USA, and now Mexico for the past 27 years, it is a natural progression that I now own my own real estate company. Real Estate is my passion as it is secure, stable and seldom changes. It is reliable, provides strong Return On Investment if selected wisely, and fairly predictable.

Writing this I think I should choose my men more like I do real estate. Rather, I tend to date the way I play the stock market. Getting caught up in the glitz and hype, possible smoke and mirrors, and illusions of instant gratificat…