This Weather Is For The Birds

It has been a very quiet week and I was wondering what to write about this morning as I lay in bed at 8 am. Then all of a sudden, the earth moved. I needed to look behind me to be sure I was alone. And Yes, I was. A few minutes later, it happened again and being from the west coast, I knew it was an earthquake. It lasted only a few seconds and felt like a big truck driving past the house. It was 5.3 in magnitude and 60 miles from Loreto. Nothing to worry about, but it always creates a little excitement in our normally passive lives. You can check it out for yourself at
We have been having extremely strong winds this month. The weather has been bright and sunny with temperatures averaging about 68F during the day. However, we have had many days and nights with winds measuring 31 mph or 50 km/ph. At night the wind chill is very cold, and during the day there are times you can not see anything 100 meters in front of you because of the dust storm at Loreto Bay. I always said the worst thing about living here is the constant dust, and this month I am particularly crazy. Here is the weather link:

Loreto is making amazing progress on the section of highway where the road was washed out from Hurricane John last fall. In the last month they have made a new road which has recently been paved, and moved in all the equipment for the new bridge. In this photo you can just see the section of the old road as it has now been completely dug up and covered with new rebar and equipment.

The road to San Javier has been paved for about 3 kms and the rumor is that the entire way will be paved soon. I think this will take some of the charm away from visiting the old Mission, but it should bring more tourists as the current dirt path can be a scary adventure in a car or taxi. There is also much road construction happening around town as Juarez Street in front of Bridgestone Tire is closed and the whole block torn up.

My Landlord, Hugo Quintero is very happy with all the improvements I have made to his building and brought me a painting that he had commissioned for Nellie´s Place Bar. It represents all the major soccer teams in Mexico drinking at the Bar, with a photo of Velero Del Mar Yacht in the background. It even has the BajaBOSS emblem amongst all the others. What a great gift and I can not wait to hang it for all to see.

Corona finally delivered on my two signs, so now people will actually know where Nellie´s Place is. The big sign that I was worried about last week actually looks pretty good and not quite the Vegas strip material that I had fears of. Representatives from Corona arrived from Mazatlan last week and were taking photos of the signs and very pleased with our advertising.

We will be renting my friend Glen Mickowski´s Segways from our office. The malecon is the perfect location to try out these new recreational scooters to see if you want to buy one to get around the Villages of Loreto Bay later on. We are renting them for $45 USD per hour, and will give discounts for LB Homeowners or Groups of 2 or more.

Many Calgarians are here this week to escape the snow and cold of their home town. I had dinner with Ken, Val and their daughter Carlee last week at Mita Gourmet in the town square. Juan Carlos and his wife Marta run a great restaurant, and the menu is extensive for times when I just do not know what I want to eat.

Happy 50th Birthday to Bill Doyle! (In the orange T-shirt next to me). Bill used to manage the Commercial Construction at Loreto Bay, and now is developing his own properties here in Loreto. His wife Laurie managed to have six of his long time friends fly in and surprise him. He had no idea and brought them up to our Bar to enjoy their first tequilas. It was obvious they were going to cram a lot of fun and visits down memory lane in three short days. Their laughter and good spirits were infectious!

Do not forget about our VIP suite is great for meetings and special occasions as well. At the rate of $150 USD per night, it is the best value in all of Nopolo or Loreto. It is where the action is, and within walking distance to all the best restaurants and bars in town. A great place to hold private meetings as well.

I am very tempted to move in myself permanently to get away from the dust and construction noise of Nopolo, but for now prefer to have some revenue and share it with my friends.

Let us see what next week brings in paradise. Have a good week.


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