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Week of Parties in Loreto, Mexico!

There were over a 130 Loreto Bay homeowners in town during the holidays. Many of the homes were occupied and poolside at the INN was full with families braving the wind to get some sunshine. It was great to see new neighbors and everyone was making friends. There were impromptu parties daily and everyone was always welcome because if you did not know the host, it was an opportunity to meet a new friend. The general comment was “Everyone is so nice!”

The first party was held by Peter and Shauna at FN136. I arrived late but there were still copious amounts of wine to be consumed. I was told there were a hundred people coming and going over the duration of the 4 hour afternoon party. Word about the open house spread like wildfire in less than the 24 hours prior that they planned it and this set the tone for the entire week. Great People, Great Party!

Richard and Lindsay, FN51, decided they were having so much fun at Peter and Shauna’s that they d…
Feliz Navidad and Happy Holidays from Loreto Mexico

My very good friend and partner in Velero Del Mar Charters, Scott Montell and I wish you Feliz Navidad y Un Prospero Año 2008!
Scott is the Chief Legal Counsel for Loreto Bay Company and one of the few remaining employees that started the company in November 2003. Our team reported directly to Scott and we can not remember all the countless stories of Murphy’s Law and SNAFU reports, as the legal team tried to keep up with the momentum of Loreto Bay’s success and Mexico’s multi levels of bureaucracy and differences.

I have never told the real story of how close the company came to dire consequences so many times. Nor will I because it is not important. What is important is how hard the early team worked together to make the dream a reality. There is no disputing the 90 hour work weeks that continued for years by all the teams - Legal, Accounting, Sales, Marketing, Design and Construction. It was because of Sheer Determination fueled by …
Parties, Promotion and Promises for a Bright Future!

This whirlwind week started with me being interviewed by Ronnie Kovach for his “Fishing Ventures” show on Fox Sports Network which brings you the very best salt and freshwater fishing action. Ronnie can also be heard every Saturday morning on Radio Fishing University on KLAA AM 830 Los Angeles. Ronnie is another person who fell in love with Loreto and wants to bring a Fishing Derby to Loreto next October. We are working with Ronnie and the local Hotel Association to coordinate this tournament that will add to making this a premier tourist destination. For more information on Ronnie’s fishing adventures go to

Quite by chance some of the Sales Team for the new Villa Group project walked into my office looking for some hotel rooms. We started chatting and they were on their way to Los Cabos and decided to check out their future home and 5000 hotel room development since they have never been here. I offer…
Loreto Hospital Needs Equipment!!

Rosalia Romero de Aguiar has assumed the charge of presidency, when Rodolfo Davis Osuna solicited permission to step down as the Mayor a few weeks ago. There are heated political campaigns going on in Loreto at the moment between the three political parties, PRI, PAN and PRD. The election for a new Presidencia Municipal de Loreto will be held in February 2008, with the handover to take place in May of 2008.

Baja BOSS met with Rosalia Romero de Aguiar last week to offer any assistance we could with the positive growth of Loreto. One of the major priorities for the Presidencia and her Council was that the hospital was completed, however, they were having difficulty obtaining equipment. I remember that there were many offers from medical practitioners and hospital administrators who were Loreto Bay homeowners wanting to offer assistance in the past.

If anyone has any leads on possible donations of good used hospital equipment, Baja BOSS will work w…
True Community Spirit Among Friends and Neighbors

Loreto saw three days of rain this week which was highly unusual. Many of my staff brought their children to work on Friday morning. The kids are always welcome because I know how difficult daycare is in Loreto. I asked why the schools and nurseries were closed. Was this another children’s holiday that I should be aware of? It was a Rain Day!! Are you kidding me?? I could not help laughing in astonishment as it was only a sprinkling of rain in the morning, with little wind … and they had a Rain Day!! Only in Loreto!

However, it did not dampen the spirits of the visiting Loreto Bay homeowners who were happy to see the progress in Founders Neighborhood and hear from the new management team of Replay Inc. who have taken over Loreto Bay’s day to day operations and development. These executives were formerly of Canadian based Intrawest Corp. which owns and develops ski resorts in Canada and the USA.

There were over a hundred people…