Feliz Navidad and Happy Holidays from Loreto Mexico

My very good friend and partner in Velero Del Mar Charters, Scott Montell and I wish you Feliz Navidad y Un Prospero Año 2008!
Scott is the Chief Legal Counsel for Loreto Bay Company and one of the few remaining employees that started the company in November 2003. Our team reported directly to Scott and we can not remember all the countless stories of Murphy’s Law and SNAFU reports, as the legal team tried to keep up with the momentum of Loreto Bay’s success and Mexico’s multi levels of bureaucracy and differences.

I have never told the real story of how close the company came to dire consequences so many times. Nor will I because it is not important. What is important is how hard the early team worked together to make the dream a reality. There is no disputing the 90 hour work weeks that continued for years by all the teams - Legal, Accounting, Sales, Marketing, Design and Construction. It was because of Sheer Determination fueled by passion for the vision and not willing to accept anything less than success that put Loreto on the map. We were a family, somewhat dysfunctional, however part of something great and our experiences during the start up days were phenomenal – both insanely good and bad.

I have had many inquiries from homeowners recently about the liquidated damages, non-fulfillment of perceived expectations, and changes to the management structure. My answer is plain and simple. Be Happy!

If you knew how much over budget your house cost to build;
If you knew how many times you could have lost everything;
If you knew how hard the entire management team worked from the very beginning to ensure that the homeowners were always protected;
If you knew how close we could have been to being another unfinished project in Mexico;
If you compared this development to others in the USA and Canada where developers give back the original investment, rip up the contract, and sell the unit for 40% more because of increased construction costs;
If you realized how difficult it is to do business as a foreigner in Mexico and the challenges of having a joint venture with a Government Agency;
THEN you would be happy, my friend.

I recently met with the new Management Team from RePlay Inc. and am impressed by their sensibility, astute business acumen, and vision to create something even greater than originally planned. It is to be expected that they will make changes for economical, environmental, and market conditions. These will be positive and beneficial for the entire development when considering the big picture. Loreto Bay is very lucky to have attracted experienced professionals such as RePlay Inc. Everyone I have spoken with is very excited and optimistic about the changes and what 2008 will bring.

It is so wonderful to see so many homeowners here for the holidays. My passion for joining Loreto Bay was a vision of creating community. All the home owners are making this a reality, and we have so much to be thankful for! I look forward to visiting with many friends and neighbors over the next 2 weeks as I take time off for the holidays.

Happy Holidays from Lauren Farley, who owns the Danzante Hotel with her husband Michael. Danzante is a unique eco-tourism destination resort and utterly was a dream weekend when I stayed there. They have a huge international client base, excellent cuisine and the friendliest staff. It is one of my favorite get-away-spots when I need to escape business and the world at large. For more information go to www.danzante.com

Merry Christmas from Juan Carlos and Marta from Mita Gourmet Restaurant. They brought their family for breakfast at Mike’s Del Borracho and we had to get him along with Brenda from Dorado Properties Loreto in the photo and wish everyone the happiest of holiday seasons!

Christmas In Loreto

Palm trees wave, are you listenin'?
In the pool, water's glistenin'!
A beautiful sight, we're happy tonight,
Livin' in a desert wonderland.

Gone away is the blizzard,
Here to stay is the lizard,
A warm sunny day, we like it that way,
Livin' in a desert wonderland.

In the desert we will have a picnic,
Cactus, sand, fishing in the sun.
Christmas dinner is an old tradition,
It's pinto beans and tacos by the ton.

Later on, we'll perspire
Temperatures rise even higher,
A warm sunny day, we like it that way,
Livin' in a desert wonderland!

Merry Christmas, everyone!


Unknown said…
Nellie. Your enthusiasm is contagious. Continue your 'blogs'. They bring us up to date on Loreto. Great to see my two favorite restaurant owners pic's. Mike & Juan & family. Hopefully your Christmas was with your daughter. See you'all next November as we pass through to Cabo.
Phil & Wendy S.
We certainly enjoyed our sunny, quiet, restful, and slightly breezy Christmas in Loreto! Thanks for your hospitality, and for having the best beds we've ever experienced in Mexico! Boris and Abbey Lutskovsky

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