Parties, Promotion and Promises for a Bright Future!

This whirlwind week started with me being interviewed by Ronnie Kovach for his “Fishing Ventures” show on Fox Sports Network which brings you the very best salt and freshwater fishing action. Ronnie can also be heard every Saturday morning on Radio Fishing University on KLAA AM 830 Los Angeles. Ronnie is another person who fell in love with Loreto and wants to bring a Fishing Derby to Loreto next October. We are working with Ronnie and the local Hotel Association to coordinate this tournament that will add to making this a premier tourist destination. For more information on Ronnie’s fishing adventures go to

Quite by chance some of the Sales Team for the new Villa Group project walked into my office looking for some hotel rooms. We started chatting and they were on their way to Los Cabos and decided to check out their future home and 5000 hotel room development since they have never been here. I offered to show them their development site since it is impossible to find unless you know where you are going. Caroline and Luis were so appreciative and excited about getting a head start on their team about information on the area.

Also with them was Chuck Gentile and Niki. Chuck is very interesting as he was telling me about his fight in Federal Court regarding the trademark litigation with a photograph he took of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. The decision was upheld by the Appellate Court. Google Chuck Gentile and read about his case that is still used by Harvard Law today. They invited me to the Villa Group Staff party in Los Cabos on Friday but it was the same night as my staff party, so I regretfully declined. What a blast that would have been with over 1000 employees of their organization.

We had our posada party at Domingo’s Restaurant (previously El Nido) in the beautiful Courtyard. We had 13 staff there from Nellie’s Hotel and Bar, Baja BOSS, Dorado Properties Loreto, and Velero Del Mar. There were plenty of jokes going around the table and no one was safe from ridicule.

We had a gift exchange and everyone received very nice presents of shirts, jewelry, and accessories. It was quite civilized until it came time for my present which was very sexy lingerie. The true epitome of Naughty Nellie! How did they know I would love it!

We had games including a piñata which everyone took turns swinging at. It is a good employee test to see how much rage some people have and how passive others are with a stick and moving target. Andres was the first to make a break which scattered cigarettes, lighters and an assortment of other adult goodies to the ground that made everyone scramble to pick up.

My night watchman, Don Andres, was downright frightening as he relentlessly tackled the piñata. After seeing him in action, I had no fear of him protecting my premises every night against anyone that may not have good intentions. Don Andres is the oldest of my employees, but probably the most physically fit. He has been the Master in his age category for running up to San Javier Mission, which is 32 km for several years now.

My right hand and #1 business associate, Jeanny and I were reminiscing that exactly one year ago to the day we were scrambling to finish the building, hotel and bar. Baja BOSS, Dorado Properties Loreto, and Velero Del Mar were a dream away. I remember telling Jeanny a year ago that we would have 5 businesses and 14 staff in one year. Jeanny and Andres both said “Si” in kind agreement as I was the boss, but little did they believe that we would actually achieve these milestones. I congratulate and thank Jeanny immensely as none of this would have been possible without her spirit and tenacious professionalism. I told her that she doesn’t look a day older from when we started! Then I told her what my plan was for our second year anniversary and she said she needed a long vacation! I so agree!!

Jim Spano, who is an investor in the Marbella (old Whales Inn) project has a favorite charity of helping mentally and physically challenged children. This week Jim, along with partner Neil Ginsberg, had a Christmas party at the development site and invited over 100 local children, their parents and relatives, to visit and participate in an afternoon of fun. The Loreto team that attended the Special Olympics in Mexico was congratulated on their medals.

There was a nice luncheon in the old Cantina building that was fully decorated with balloons, streamers, and hats. There were clowns entertaining and a piñata for all the children to break and scramble for candy. It was a great sunny day and nice to see the involvement of foreign developers integrating with the community. This was a function strictly for the community and there was no political representation or press there. A very well organized and much appreciated gesture by all in attendance.

Jim Spano personally donated an electric wheelchair for one of the local children. It was incredibly heartfelt to see a child all of a sudden be able to become mobile in a few minutes. The chair is very sensitive to the human body and the child is quickly able to maneuver across the room. For example, if they are hungry they can now move to the refrigerator to indicate that they want food whereas before they did not have the physical or motor skills to make others understand their wants and needs. The joy on this boy’s face was infectious. The electric chair retails for about $25,000 USD and has opened his life.

Jim Spano’s charity is CAM School for the challenged children in Loreto. The developer is funding a building for this school near the downtown playground. They obtained names and ages of all the children and purchased gifts that were appropriate for the age and sex of each child. Then there were Santa, along with helpers, to give each child a gift. An instant photograph was taken and given to each child with Santa along with their gift. The whole event was a very classy act. Thank you from all of us that live here!


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