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Introducing New Dorado Properties Loreto Real Estate Sales Team …

We have been really busy this week building our real estate team and putting systems into place. I have many real estate agents, brokers, and investors as friends and they can appreciate the sheer adrenaline and apprehension of the early days starting out. My guys are so excited and are setting such high goals that I need to be very gentle about setting realistic expectations. That’s a switch… “me” being the voice of realism and lowering objectives.

The team is very diverse and all are local Loretanos who are involved in the community. Santos SaldaƱa is very familiar with the permitting process and the Municipal Office. He is a very hard worker and gets results! Plus I enjoy his sense of humor! His email is

Renato Arias came to me as my private Spanish Professor, 3 times a week. His command of the English language is very good. Renato will soon be certified as an Official Translator, and …
Human Whale S.O.S. Project Launches in Loreto, Mexico Uniting Thousands of Children from Baja to Alaska

My friend David Veniot, Vice President for Sustainability for Loreto Bay told me about their event on Friday May 18. Youth and celebrities launched an environmental ‘aerial art’ project involving eight coastal cities from Baja to Alaska calling attention to the mounting worldwide crisis facing whales and dolphins.

Here is the aerial photo of the human whale that was made with 1000 Loreto school children to form a giant baby Blue whale and “SOS” with their bodies. The kids attended an educational marine conservation presentation in the morning, cleaned up the arroyo and beach, and then formed the image of a blue whale with their bodies. The event was a huge success in terms of environmental education, community relations and relations with environmental organizations. It was the launch of an international campaign. The Mexican media covered the event, with both major TV networks T…
FELIZ DIA DE LAS MADRES!! Happy Mothers Day!!

Yesterday was Mother’s Day in Canada and I decided to take the entire day off and play by the beach at the INN of Loreto Bay. Lounging under a palapa, on the beach shore and pool, it was a day filled with nonstop laughter. Service was great as my friends that work at the Snack Shack ensured that we were never thirsty or had to wait for the killer margaritas to get warm. The temperature was 90 degrees and the day perfect. We hitched a ride on the electric Ambulance and just kept laughing all the way home.

Mothers’ Day in Mexico is always May 10 and considered a holiday for women. The celebration starts at midnight, where the custom is for 5 or 6 guys to pile into a car and go to each of their mother’s homes. Of course there is plenty of drinking and singing (or more correctly screaming) loudly from the street “Las Mananitas!!!” This is an annoying little song and after hearing it several times, it seems to go on forever. Of course …
A New Day Is Dawning in Loreto

Many of you may have guessed that I am intrigued by motor vehicles, and there are so many instances that make me smile. One of these moments was of an old pickup truck loaded with hay and supplies, with the dog precariously riding on the top as though he were King of The World. This is Loreto and why I appreciate the simple life here.

It was so nice to visit with my friends Peter and Shona, FN331 of Calgary. They appreciated being part of the ambiance of an emerging energy among the local people. Peter and Shona came to visit on their last night here and to be honest they were more than ready to leave and go home. However, after spending an evening at Nellie’s Place, they were back in positive spirits and felt good about Living La Vida Loca in Loreto again.

While they were here, my friend Miguel came to show his new line of canopy furniture and netting. Miguel speaks very little English but is anxious to learn, just as I am anxious to learn Spanish.…