Introducing New Dorado Properties Loreto Real Estate Sales Team …

We have been really busy this week building our real estate team and putting systems into place. I have many real estate agents, brokers, and investors as friends and they can appreciate the sheer adrenaline and apprehension of the early days starting out. My guys are so excited and are setting such high goals that I need to be very gentle about setting realistic expectations. That’s a switch… “me” being the voice of realism and lowering objectives.

The team is very diverse and all are local Loretanos who are involved in the community. Santos Saldaña is very familiar with the permitting process and the Municipal Office. He is a very hard worker and gets results! Plus I enjoy his sense of humor! His email is

Renato Arias came to me as my private Spanish Professor, 3 times a week. His command of the English language is very good. Renato will soon be certified as an Official Translator, and also spent several years as a Land Appraiser in Loreto. His knowledge of the values, areas, and proposal city plan is invaluable to the team. His email is

Joel Martinez is a very responsible man of good moral standards. I was impressed by how well he spoke English, but most of all what he wanted to do for the local community. His email is

Andrés Urias was my number two employee and I have been grooming him for a career in real estate for the last six months. He is very smart, learns quickly, and has an outgoing helpful personality. I met Andrés on the El Don Yacht several years ago and knew after talking to him for 10 minutes that he would become a shining star and one day I would want him to work with me. His email is

At Dorado Properties Loreto, we treat everyone with the utmost respect and ensure that we protect both the buyers and sellers rights in all cases. Our mandate is to have all legal information of rightful title before listing a property, and to clearly explain the many unknowns and challenges of buying property so that it becomes a straight forward business transaction, and not a cause of worry or risk. This will be continual education of the locals, foreigners, and competing companies. We are not visionaries, merely professional service providers. I look forward to hearing from you with your inquiries so that I can refer the agent that has the expertise that best fits your needs.

One of my friends Jo Lithgow, FN137, is on the Board of Directors for several "podcast" shows. I had never heard of these but it is similar to a radio interview on the internet. One of her podcasters from Florida called me a couple of weeks ago and I was interviewed for about 30 minutes about Loreto. It is indeed a small world when you think that I am being interviewed sitting in my car in Mexico for a Florida talk show that will be broadcast on the internet worldwide. Who would have thunk? If you want to hear one woman's perspective about living in a foreign country, you can check it out at

Home Owners are starting to arrive again as school is finishing and people want to come check their home progress before the heat of summer arrives. My staff is insisting that it is too hot and the air conditioner should be on, but I prefer the fans and sea breeze. My three years in Scottsdale, Arizona were a great training ground for living in Loreto. I remember the months of 120 degree heat and the long nights when it seldom went below 100 degrees at midnight. When it dipped below 105 degrees it was a welcome relief of coolness. In Loreto, it seldom gets above 104 degrees, and there are plenty of opportunities to cool off in the water.

Mark Douglas of FN106 was my very first hotel guest back in December which seemed a lifetime ago. Mark brought his dad to stay this week, and they had a great time exploring the area and fishing for dorado. Mark really liked my “drive through window” where people constantly pause to ask a question or two. I love having the windows open and greeting people as they pass by.

My friends Colette Mestre of FN307 and Nancy Bruns of FN353 came and kidnapped me away from the office for a girls’ lunch out. I put up a resistance as I had too many things on the go as usual, but they would not accept “no”. I am so glad they did. We had a relaxing time and many laughs as we shared stories that I could never post on the blog.

A very good friend and business associate is Antonio Alegre. Sr. Alegre is both a lawyer and accountant and has been a professional in La Paz for many years. We have many of the same clients and friends, and consult Antonio often for specific expert advice when needed. The important thing I tell all my clients is… if you do not ask the “right question” you do not get the "right answer". It is so nice to work with people that do not expect us to always know the right question when we are somewhat confused.

Joseph and Natalie of AV19 were visiting this week with his twin brother Charles and his wife Diana. We had a great chat over cervezas watching the sun set on Carmen Island. Joseph brought me a contribution to Yolanda’s family for himself and our friends Dennis and Gail of AV 40. Here’s our photo with Yolanda to say hello to Dennis and Gail, as well as the other LA friends Scott and Karen of AV38.

My friend Denny sent me this photo of the crescent moon and Venus that I spoke about last week. What an awesome picture and to think that we are all looking at the same moon all over the world. It is like wishing upon the same shining star at the same time!


ncampion said…
"We had a great chat over cervezas watching the sun set on Carmen Island"

How were you able to change the direction of the earth's rotation??

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