A New Day Is Dawning in Loreto

Many of you may have guessed that I am intrigued by motor vehicles, and there are so many instances that make me smile. One of these moments was of an old pickup truck loaded with hay and supplies, with the dog precariously riding on the top as though he were King of The World. This is Loreto and why I appreciate the simple life here.

It was so nice to visit with my friends Peter and Shona, FN331 of Calgary. They appreciated being part of the ambiance of an emerging energy among the local people. Peter and Shona came to visit on their last night here and to be honest they were more than ready to leave and go home. However, after spending an evening at Nellie’s Place, they were back in positive spirits and felt good about Living La Vida Loca in Loreto again.

While they were here, my friend Miguel came to show his new line of canopy furniture and netting. Miguel speaks very little English but is anxious to learn, just as I am anxious to learn Spanish. It is wonderful to see the entrepreneur spirit of people that have a wonderful craft and proud of sharing it with others. Miguel makes beds for inside and outside, complete with mosquito proof netting. How wonderful would it be to sleep on the deck without fear of mosquitoes and other desert critters, under a beautiful cotton netting. I will be providing more pictures of Miguel’s furniture and netting because I love to promote anyone who truly believes in what they are doing and being part of the positive change of this little town of Loreto.

Each day I have another Mexican walk into my office wanting to share their wares. The other day Martha Martinez came from Cabo San Lucas to show me her recycled paper scrapbooks and journals. They are beautifully handcrafted and very reasonable in price. I know a few foreigners interested in opening Art Galleries or Retail Outlets and I promised to pass along her name in the hopes that they would carry her product.

Manual calls himself “The Washer of the Town” and came by the office to ask who owned the black Pathfinder. He was polite enough not to say that it looked like a Baja 1000 dirt vehicle and was an embarrassment even by local standards. Yes, I admitted it was my car and I live in Loreto Bay so that was my excuse. I gladly accepted his offer to wash it, however, I was unsure how he would achieve this without any hose or equipment. He had a sponge, a styrofoam cup and a bottle of soap. As I watched him wash and rinse the top of the car with cupfuls of water from his bucket, I appreciated everything he did so much more. He shined the tires, and made the car sparkle with little more than I usually have to wash dishes. I was happy to pay his 50 pesos plus tip, and told him to come back often. My staff thought I was crazy because I could have had the entire car professionally done including the inside for a little more, but hey… I said this guy wanted the work and I would support anyone who showed initiative.

This has been a trying week for Nellie’s Place Bar. We had many colorful experiences with our bartender Julio, and we are very sad that he is no longer part of our Baja BOSS family. However, we are happy to welcome Sergio who many of you may know from El Taste or Club Black and White. He is a responsible young man and very fastidious about cleanliness and customer service. Please say hello to Sergio when you come by and be sure to make him feel part of the extended Nellie’s family.

At BajaBOSS we celebrate our exciting experiences, such as film crews and the President of Mexico, but we also share our tragic emotions and sincerely help each other because it is the only thing we can do. Yolanda, our Tapas Cook, has had a very sad time this week. Her nephew was shot in Guatemala last week and he left behind his wife and 2 children. Yolanda is one of the kindest, most generous individuals that I have ever met, and she is compelled to go back to her origin country to rescue the remaining 4 children in the family. The adults can come later. Jenny has worked long hours with immigration and authorities to coordinate this effort, and BajaBOSS is fully supportive of Yolanda taking time off to travel to Guatemala and assisting with the travel expenses to bring the family back to Loreto for a better life. This is a picture of Yolanda with her son and his family here in Loreto. She has raised very good children and proud of them and her home.

Yolanda lives in a very modest home with 3 of her other children and one grandchild in two rooms. It is not big enough to accommodate another 4 people, but she says that does not matter. They must make it work. “Poco a Poco” or “Little by Little”. The important thing is that they get the children out of a poverty stricken war torn country. In Guatemala it is unsafe to leave the house, and they live with fear and have no hope of change. This is Yolanda with me and Andres of Baja BOSS in front of her home.

This kind of compassion and generosity is something that is seldom seen, and I too am compelled to be unselfish and a better person, when I have so much to give by comparison. I am asking my friends that know Yolanda, or enjoy Nellie’s Tapas Bar to pledge a $100 USD or more to raise the money so that this family can start a new life in Loreto. The goal is a total of $5000 USD, and very small in consideration of the enormous satisfaction that it gives back. I am putting up the money so that Yolanda can travel to Guatemala and bring her family back as soon as possible. I am starting many new businesses and feeling the pinch. However, I will find a way to make this work and if you can see it in your hearts to donate a little, I can guarantee all the money will be well administered. There are already many Mexican people that have donated services and time to make this happen because they know Yolanda and she is such a good person in the community. If you would like to make a pledge, please email me at Nellie@BajaBOSS.com We will find an easy way for you to make a contribution.

Miguel and Geri of AV910 are my friends and stayed at the hotel this weekend, and I am pleased to announce that they are the first to contribute to the fund for Yolanda’s family. We are very thankful for their generosity and appreciate their kind heart and spirit.

Thank you to all of that read my blog on a regular basis and for wanting to share in the New and Better Loreto that is coming. I hope to hear from many of my friends and have you join me in helping a truly deserving individual and her family.

P.S. Alaska and Delta Airlines are having major seat sales from LAX to Loreto, but you must book before May 17. Check it out ... $75 USD one way.


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