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Striped Marlin, New Businesses, and Helping our Local Community

I have been back now 2 weeks in Loreto and starting to feel healthier and getting back into the Baja lifestyle and rhythm again. My team is great and looks after me, trying to keep me balanced. It is a tough job, but they work very hard at it. My part is to keep them guessing and full of surprises as to what we will do next. I wish I knew but part of the fun and challenge is the unknown and staying flexible to take advantage of the right opportunities.

Birthdays are always very important at Nellie`s and we like to celebrate as often as we can. Our barman Sergio has started a tradition of serving “cucarachas” which is a shot glass of tequila, Kailua, topped with brandy and lit of fire. You drink it through a straw before the fire goes out and it definitely makes you feel young again! Happy Birthday to Andres and Juanpablo! Let us know when it is your birthday, and the “cucarachas” is on me.

Juanpablo is a mild mann…
Nothing Beats Being on the Water in Loreto!

This morning it rained in Loreto off and on for about 6 hours. It was wonderfully refreshing as the temperatures dropped to the high 70’s which is about 25 degrees F less that it has normally been. Tip of the Day: The best time to go out and hose off all the dust and dirt on your walls and deck is during one of these summer showers. It is warm and refreshing and you are able to use the rain to wash all the dirt from the walls and down the drain sprouts. Normally at this time of year the water evaporates almost as soon as it hits the ground so trying to keep up with the dirt in 100 degree heat is hazardous to your health, as you end up getting third degree burns on your feet and sun stoke, not to mention that you are literally melting as you sweat and dehyrdrate to a slow death.

The new bridge in Loreto is now open and held up well. There was no flooding and aside from the downtown streets that are still not paved, all was good with th…
Home Sweet Home - Back to Loreto

Victoria is part of the Capital Regional District and made up of 13 municipalities and three "unincorporated" areas, with a total population of over 320,000. Each of these areas has its own by-laws, rules and regulations affecting home-owners. Now you know why I function so well with the local bureaucracy in Mexico.

Even though it is a relatively large city, in many ways it is still a small town. I visited one of my favorite restaurants and of course … just like Loreto … it was everyone else’s favorite as well. It was great to see Ed and Darlene Tait as well as Cliff and Jackie Ross. Many of you will remember them from their years in Loreto Bay. Ed and Jackie are now part of the senior management team building and marketing Dockside Green, which is a 15 acre new harborfront community. Darlene is using her endless energy and talent to head up Westhills, which is developing 6000 homes in the Greater Victoria Region. I am very happy with …
Beautiful Pacific Northwest - USA and CANADA

Victoria is a very beautiful city and offers a diversity of outdoor activities and scenery. This is the view from the lookout point at Mt. Douglas which is a favorite place to hike the trails among the large area of natural wilderness. We cheated and drove directly to the top to see 360 degree views of the city below us, and surrounded by the snow capped Olympic Mts. of Washington State in the distance.

The BC Ferries is the only car transportation available from Vancouver Island and they offer many different routes to the Mainland, Gulf Islands and Queen Charlotte Islands. The 1.5 hour sailing from Victoria to Vancouver is one of the most reasonably priced cruises that I have been on after the 10 cent Star Ferry Crossing in Hong Kong. The area is approximately 5,200 square kilometers in size and includes 13 major islands and over 450 smaller islands. This area is renowned and cherished for its stunning physical beauty, significant biod…