Home Sweet Home - Back to Loreto

Victoria is part of the Capital Regional District and made up of 13 municipalities and three "unincorporated" areas, with a total population of over 320,000. Each of these areas has its own by-laws, rules and regulations affecting home-owners. Now you know why I function so well with the local bureaucracy in Mexico.

Even though it is a relatively large city, in many ways it is still a small town. I visited one of my favorite restaurants and of course … just like Loreto … it was everyone else’s favorite as well. It was great to see Ed and Darlene Tait as well as Cliff and Jackie Ross. Many of you will remember them from their years in Loreto Bay. Ed and Jackie are now part of the senior management team building and marketing Dockside Green, which is a 15 acre new harborfront community. Darlene is using her endless energy and talent to head up Westhills, which is developing 6000 homes in the Greater Victoria Region. I am very happy with their success and look forward to seeing them back in Loreto, even if only to visit, very soon!

I had dinner with Bob Johnston, FN41, who is a principal with Cannon Design heading up their Sports Architecture Division. Bob is currently working on the Speed Skating Rink for the Olympic Games 2010 and has recently been hired to work with the Games in London for 2012. Cannon Design is an international architectural, engineering and planning firm with a staff of over 700 working in 15 offices. Their work takes Bob traveling worldwide in pursuit of sports facility excellence. It was so interesting to talk about all the different places in this world to visit.

Our flight was delayed leaving LAX to Loreto, so I chatted with a few fishermen that have been coming to Loreto for over 10 years. They love this area and are disappointed that it is changing but recognize that it is inevitable. I invited them to Nellie´s Place where you can still get a cerveza for $2 USD and they had a great time. They are shown here left to right: Frank, Rick, Steve, Doc and Jimmy all from CA.

First thing I had to do was to meet Josh Swift, my partner in Velero Del Mar, and go and see our new sports fishing boat – REEL TROUBLE. Josh was part of the crew that brought the boat down from San Diego to Cabo in 4 days! He definitely knows how to manage it in open waters now! It is moored at Puerto Escondido and ready for charters soon. We are giving homeowners and friends a 20% discount on the charter rates. In addition, we are now accepting memberships for our VIP clients, so that the boat will be available and ready on your next trip.

It has a terrific galley with air conditioning, slips 3 to 5 people and is very nice. Initially we were going to have a luxury yacht, but until we have more residents the smaller fishing boat is what the market wanted. This a wonderful boat that can easily accommodate 6 people for day trips to the islands to snorkel, picnic, and see the wildlife. Our members can take the boat with captain overnight to the islands for that special occasion or just to highlight a terrific vacation.

The fishing is the part that really excites the guys. The boat is outfitted with great new fishing reels and rods, it has bait tanks, fishing towers and all the comforts for a great fishing experience. The boat can easily accommodate 3 to 4 serious fishermen, with some others along just to enjoy the ride. Reel Trouble has 370 twin Cummings engines, depth/fish finder, sonar, autopilot, GPS, and all the bells and whistles. We are putting together our marketing materials now. Email me Nellie@bajaboss.com for more info.

It is so good to be back home in Loreto. Today I ventured off the beaten track again early this morning and came across some more beautiful remote beaches and bays. I am looking forward to using the boat to explore and get a totally different perspective of the area. We saw miles and miles of waterfront with not a single boat, car or person in sight. Incredible!

We headed north, and then found a dirt path to the water and traveled another 10 or 15 kms along a good dirt and gravel path where the only inhabitants we saw were many well fed cattle. Free to roam, safe from the cars and population. There are so many hectares to explore, but you must find them yourselves. I have been sworn to secrecy by each individual that shows me their special place and I can only entice you by showing you what is waiting for you to find.

This morning was the Baja 400 race, which is a local event and quite a big deal. The parade of dirt bikes, ATVs, and vehicles were on parade along the malecon at 7 am this morning. This is a picture of all the spectators out on the new bridge watching and cheering as each competitor passed. The whole town supports these events and they are a great practice run and keep the town excited about the Baja 1000 race to come in October.

Alison Acosta, FN308, came down with her sisters and friends to relax, play, and enjoy the sun. From left to right they are: Alison, Felicia, Lynn, Lena and Janet. They were having Janet´s birthday celebration tonight at Nellie´s Place. Mark and Alison are among my great friends and supporters and I appreciate everyone who comes and spends time at Nellie´s Place building our new community. Please let us know if you have a special event coming up and we can plan something in advance for you.


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