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Alto Egos Entertain in Loreto, Mexico

It is a sunny warm day in Loreto and the weather and wind have finally turned warm! It was a rocking party at Del Borracho last night which I will write about next week. I want to express many thanks to my guest blogger, Drew McNabb of FN49. I am taking the day off!

After being a loyal reader of Nellie’s blog for several years, it is now my turn to be a Guest Blogger and give Nellie a well-deserved week off and her audience a different perspective to the “Loreto Experience”.

My wife Cathy and I are spending our first winter in our Loreto home, after taking possession just over two years ago. One of the questions that we get asked often, by people who do not live here is: “what do you do with your time”? To which, both of us have much the same response: “what time, we seem to be busier here than we were working back in Calgary”! While that may be a bit of an exaggeration, we do seem to keep remarkably occupied with the day-to-day necessities of l…
Introducing and

Last Sunday, the first surprise on my adventure was seeing my partner in Casa FN62 Eric Geisreiter boarding the flight from Victoria with me. Eric was on his way to San Miguel and we were sitting next to each other on the plane to Seattle quite by luck. It was great to catch up on what is happening since we both worked together at the Victoria ReMax Office.

I arrived at LAX in the early afternoon with no idea of what I was going to do for 2 days until my next flight to Loreto. I called my good friend Keith Petersen, who was previously a sales agent for Loreto Bay, and told him I was in town and wondered if he wanted company. He laughed when I said I was at LAX because he was in San Diego. No problem, I would rent a car and be down in a few hours. Surely, if I can drive 500 km to Cabo for sushi, I can drive a couple of hours to San Diego!

Sometimes the best plans are done spontaneously and on a whim. Keith and I had a t…
Where In The World Is Nellie? Quien Sabe!!

It was great to be back in Victoria this week, if only for a few days to soak up the Chinese New Year family festivities and feasts. A lot can be accomplished in just a few days when one sets their mind to it and I managed to complete a lot of personal business and spend a great deal of quality time with my parents and daughter.

It was a good trip down memory lane. Being back in the continuous grey skies and dismissal weather made me remember why I live in Loreto. Victoria can be a beautiful place and boasts one of the most temperate weather patterns in all of Canada. However, the barometer is constantly high which to me feels very oppressive and difficult to keep warm from the dampness. Weather is a huge topic of discussion and seems to affect everyone’s day to day lives on varying degrees of scale.

Give me the sunshine of Loreto where the topic of discussion is whether or not it is too windy to go fishing. Arriving at the airport o…
Gung Hay Fat Choy – Happy Chinese New Year
2008 Promises to be a Whole New Rat Race!

The Rat is the first sign of the Chinese zodiac and signifies new beginnings. This year starts February 7, 2008, and is Year One of a 60 year cycle and thus an appropriate time to start new ventures, especially groundbreakings. This includes new ideas, directions, and ways of doing things. Whether it is in your romantic life, in your career, when dealing with money issues, or working on your social relationships, the powerful, positive energy in 2008 makes this an ideal time for new beginnings.

It is a time to experiment and put plans into action, as there will be plenty of opportunities to achieve success. Something to consider is that which is begun now is likely to have long term consequences, so choose wisely to enrich your life. It is important to note that we need to rely on our hard work and ingenuity and not luck for this year. Or as my mother would say - Prepare for twelve months of Mond…