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Last Sunday, the first surprise on my adventure was seeing my partner in Casa FN62 Eric Geisreiter boarding the flight from Victoria with me. Eric was on his way to San Miguel and we were sitting next to each other on the plane to Seattle quite by luck. It was great to catch up on what is happening since we both worked together at the Victoria ReMax Office.

I arrived at LAX in the early afternoon with no idea of what I was going to do for 2 days until my next flight to Loreto. I called my good friend Keith Petersen, who was previously a sales agent for Loreto Bay, and told him I was in town and wondered if he wanted company. He laughed when I said I was at LAX because he was in San Diego. No problem, I would rent a car and be down in a few hours. Surely, if I can drive 500 km to Cabo for sushi, I can drive a couple of hours to San Diego!

Sometimes the best plans are done spontaneously and on a whim. Keith and I had a terrific visit and it gave us much time to catch up on life over the past 2 years. He has a magnificent new home complete with heated pool, and it could not have been better timing for both of us in many ways. We looked at local real estate, shopped, wined and dined, and solved many of the world’s problems. Keith is a Loreto Bay homeowner and I am trying to convince him to come and spend more time here with me. Quien Sabe?!

Tuesday morning I drove from San Diego to LAX in 2.5 hours, which I thought was good time considering the morning traffic. The sight of smog hovering against the morning sunrise over Newport Beach and towards Los Angeles reminded me that this was a great place to visit, but I was thankful to live in Loreto when I saw all the smoke from this industrial area. Having had a full week off work I was getting anxious to be back in Loreto and see my friends and staff.

The last few days have just been a blur of real estate activity. With all the doom and gloom that one hears about the real estate market in the USA, it is keeping us very busy here. We have been run off our feet with several large investors who are all looking for a “deal”. When I ask what a “deal” is, they respond that they are prepared to spend upwards of a Million Dollars or more, but want a “deal”. In the last 3 days, I have had four new investor clients contact me about large parcels of properties. Incredible!

The big investors with money and the people with homes paid off and looking for reasonable second vacation/retirement homes are not affected by the current economic forecasts. They come from Spain, Mexico, USA and Canada. We have noticed a dip in buyer interest of properties in the $500,000 to $1.2 Million range, because those buyers are now looking at great “deals” in California and Arizona.

This is a great time for us to launch our new real estate website I was in Victoria working with Radarhill Technologies who I have been working with for over 8 years and am very pleased with their design and backend products. My vision for this site is to act as a portal for all people seeking information on the biggest travel secret … Loreto, BCS, Mexico. Have a look and give me your feedback as to things that you want to see, or ways you may want to contribute. There are still a few bugs and not all the information is loaded yet, but it is a good start. Keep checking back to see What’s New.

Also, for new beginnings, we are launching our new website for our Boat Charter business We are now completely legal and ready to do business for your marine experiences. This is a great time to come and see the whales, dolphins, and the yellowtail fishing is spectacular!! Make your reservations online or call us direct for more information on our Membership Program.

I was all booked and ready to travel to Sonoma Wine County, CA, next week to visit the San Francisco Home Owners’ regular get together. I have not been to Napa Valley for about 20 years and was really looking forward to a relaxing stay at Silverado Resort, tasting spectacular wines, dining on Dungeness crab, oysters and sourdough bread, and perhaps even doing one of my top 3 things before I die … going on a Hot Air Balloon ride. Unfortunately, the venue was changed to San Jose and the thought of staying at the Double Tree Inn was like bursting my bubble and turned a fun weekend among friends into a work party. Oh well … I will postpone my trip until the next get together and who knows, it will probably all work out for the best, as usual!

My real estate partner John Anderson and I will be doing several travel shows to major US and Canadian cities in the upcoming months, so we may be in your neighborhood! I will let you know because one of my favorite things to do is to organize an authentic Chinese dinner for friends and neighbors. Delicious food, relaxed company, and plenty of whisky … how can it not be a good time?

Already many changes have occurred in the last week to make me believe that this will be an exciting year as promised. I miss Nellie’s Place Bar because it was a great place for my friends to visit, but it is still wonderful to get your emails and to hear from you when you are coming to town. I am always looking for a reason to relax in the evenings over a glass of wine or nice meal… just let me know you are here!

Loreto Bay resident, Cathy Martin, and her singing partners Lisa Cuthill and Melinda Kondrat will be bringing their three part harmonies to the Inn at Loreto Bay this coming Wednesday, February 20th from 7-10 p.m. The ALTO EGOS will be performing in the upstairs bar under the auspices of the full lunar eclipse. No cover charge, but a donation to the San Javier Internado would be appreciated.

Have a great week and see you in Loreto!


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