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New Beginnings on Loreto Malecon

I am very excited as I have just negotiated to take over this building on the malecon in Loreto. It will be the beautiful office and headquarters for my new commercial ventures to be launched in the next 4 to 6 weeks.

It is located on the site where the original Loreto Isles was over a year ago right on the malecon. There is a huge newly renovated office suite in front with opening glass windows, so we can feel the sea breeze across the street. There is ample parking in front and it is easy to find.

The lizard is for good luck and reminds me to stay quiet and slow down at times … but not too often otherwise I will be eaten alive!

The most amazing part of this space is the rooftop deck overlooking the Islands and the incredible views. It is hard to believe that the second floor view would be that much different from the main level! BUT IT IS!!

I’m busy organizing all my legal and accounting work now, which takes tremendous patience and a clear min…
It's Time For A Change - WHALES INN Now Closed

I apologize to all my regular readers that check in daily that I have not written for a few days. I have been celebrating with friends on various closures and new beginnings. There is energy in the atmosphere that makes me believe we are onto a very good cycle of fortune. I have always believed it is better to be lucky than smart. Although I don’t plan my life around astrology, I CHING, tarot, or other forms of forecasting destiny, I do very much believe that what goes around - comes around. The last several years have been very trying and difficult for many of my friends and associates, in all aspects of their lives. But, I really believe that we are on an upswing as it seems everyone’s luck is changing for the better almost overnight. Whatever it is, I’ll take some!

The Big News is the WHALES INN is officially now going to be demolished and rebuilt into luxury condominiums. I met Tom Woodard over a year ago when this was lit…
Still Pretty Quiet in Founders Neighborhood

It’s like a ghost town in Founders Neighborhood with only three homes occupied full time by owners. This would be me, Lynn and Sharon Feenaughty, and Janet Rubenstein. There are a dozen or so rented to contractors and staff, but they keep mostly to themselves. Supposedly more owners will be returning in October and there will be much more activity with the first sales event of the season on October 7th weekend. This will be nice as the home owners really enjoy getting together and swapping stories.

Lynn, Sharon, and me, went for dinner tonight with Rich and Jean of FN105 and Sheila of FN208 who were down to check on construction progress. We had a nice time talking about the most common catch phrase used here: “Quien Sabe” or “Who Knows”. When you spend time in Loreto, you will find yourself asking several times a day “Why did they do that?" and the answer will always be “Quien Sabe”. Be prepared because it will happen without …
Road Trip – Destination Unknown

One of the best things about living on the Baja is that there is so much undiscovered territory. With this perfect weather, hectares of uninhabited areas, and miles and miles of oceans and mountains, it’s impossible for an adventurous person to be bored. Add to this that it takes only minutes of planning and within a few short hours; you remember what life is all about.

My friend was in that “too bored to be lazy” mode, so I packed a few bottles of chilled wine, beer, chocolate, blanket, towels, sunscreen and snorkel gear into his car and we headed out of Loreto. The biggest decision was whether to go north or south, so we made an executive decision and headed south. Driving about 30 minutes enjoying the scenery, we see one of many unmarked dirt roads. This was our invitation to explore and hoped it would take us to the coast. Within minutes we came to this private rocky beach and felt as though we were the only people on earth. It was blissfully…
CNN reports Storm Lane Will Miss Baja

Early this morning, word spread very quickly that Storm Lane is now a category 3 and moving at 125 mph towards Mazatlan. Fortunately, it missed Mazatlan and still making its way north. Latest reports are that it will unlikely affect Baja California.

There is much relief, although Loreto was prepared. Hurricane John taught a lot of valuable lessons for those that live here. Stock up on water, food, cash, batten down the hatches and secure all cracks and crevices as best as possible.

The construction crew took the warning very seriously this time. They have done a phenomenal job of wrapping up all the copulas, stock piling sand bags, putting up barriers to exterior garden gates and wrapping interior doors with plastic. A lot of effort was made by all into preparing for the worst, as we all hoped for the best.

It’s a bright sunny day in Loreto today at 90 degrees, with 55% humidity. This is perfect weather.

I can not believe how green ever…
Good To Be Back In Loreto

I managed to have a very hectic visit to Victoria. My home was previously rented, which is always an experience. The same way that I am extra fussy about where and how I live, I can also appreciate that renters, no matter their social or economic background, are generally less fastidious about something they do not own. It was a considerable effort to make sure that everything was clean, well stocked, and organized to my precise standards. I also made the time to visit many friends that I haven’t seen for the past 2 years, and caught up on life as I used to know it.

My daughter Carlie is doing great and I am so proud of her independent spirit, common sense, and positive attitude. She is my best friend and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. This is a double edged sword as most parents will attest. She is visiting Loreto for Christmas and I will be very proud to introduce her to my new life and friends.

Speaking of Christmas, it’s hard to believe t…
Famous Buildings in Victoria

The BC Parliament Buildings in Victoria were constructed in 1893 by a young 25 year old creative architect, Francis Rattenbury in honor of celebrating Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.

Even back then they dealt with construction over runs and controversy as the construction costs ballooned to just under 1 Million Dollars opposed to the $600,000 budgeted.

The Jewel of the Pacific. Cresting the Inner Harbour, the Empress Hotel was built in the Edwardian style and recently restored to its original grandeur. The Empress was originally designed by Francis Rattenbury, and opened in 1908.

Robert Dunsmuir died in 1889, just months before his majestic Craigdarroch Castle was completed. Although he arrived on Vancouver Island a poor coal miner, he built an empire and became the wealthiest and most influential man in British Columbia.

Robert’s son, James Dunsmuir commissioned Samuel Maclure, a Victorian architect, to design the "Castle", and Messrs. Brett …
Lazily Sunday in Victoria

It was a beautiful day for a drive around the city. I was lucky to take all these pictures and more within just a few hours. I thought today I would showcase the activity on the water, since that is always the best place to be, no matter where you live.

The Inner Harbour is always a hub of constant activity. There are ferries to the USA, water taxis to take you across the inlets, whale watching zodiacs, sailing boats, power boats, and yes … even airplanes that take you to the mainland.

How often do you see a power boat and airplane drag racing on the water? Yes, it’s just one of the sights and sounds that you get used to in this little city like no other.

Vancouver Island is the largest island off the west coast of North America. It is tucked against the mainland coast of British Columbia and the north shore of Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula. It stretches 500 km (320 miles) southeast to northwest with an area of 3,175,000 hectares and 2,150 miles…
Stepping Out In Style with Loreto Neighbors

It was great to visit with my Loreto neighbors in Victoria. I really appreciate fast cars and was having lots of laughs from the minute I saw my ride. I joined John Newton of FN46 for drinks and dinner with his crew on Friday night. We went bar hopping, which meant that we walked to our favorite places of choice for drinks and snacks, and then moved on. Not something done in Scottsdale or Loreto.

I savored every morsel of the classic martinis, full bodied wines, fresh caesar salad and oysters as though I were lost on Survivor for the last 2 months. There are really good restaurants in Victoria for every craving and appetite, and we definitely indulged in the finest available.

Saturday I was invited to the home of Goetz and Guderun Wochinger of FN416. They have an absolutely stunning home on the water, with gardens that could rival the most manicured estates in this blooming city.

I did not know what was more beautiful, the home; the …