Business as Usual on the Streets of Loreto

Life is back to normal. Construction workers are on site; the skies are bright; the seas are calm. It is 90 degrees with 62% humidity so it feels like 99%.
The airport is open and flights are coming and going. Alaska brought an extra big plane from LAX to pick up all the anxious passengers waiting to exit paradise so they can go home and get a good night’s rest.

The roads are open; electricity and water are working except for a few small areas. Less than 10% of all 54 homes turned over received any damage from the storm. This was minimal such as water seeping through the garden doors, exterior light fixtures blown down, doors swelling due to humidity, and only one broken window. All in all the homes are very well built.

I’m attaching pictures of the Streets of Loreto Bay so all can be rest assured that not much has changed. I spoke to a few people today as phones and internet are back up. I will be updating regularly as people start sending more pictures. Remember the pictures are what has happened, not the condition that it is today.

All is good and the general consensus in Loreto is it is Business as Usual.


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