CNN reports Storm Lane Will Miss Baja

Early this morning, word spread very quickly that Storm Lane is now a category 3 and moving at 125 mph towards Mazatlan. Fortunately, it missed Mazatlan and still making its way north. Latest reports are that it will unlikely affect Baja California.

There is much relief, although Loreto was prepared. Hurricane John taught a lot of valuable lessons for those that live here. Stock up on water, food, cash, batten down the hatches and secure all cracks and crevices as best as possible.

The construction crew took the warning very seriously this time. They have done a phenomenal job of wrapping up all the copulas, stock piling sand bags, putting up barriers to exterior garden gates and wrapping interior doors with plastic. A lot of effort was made by all into preparing for the worst, as we all hoped for the best.

It’s a bright sunny day in Loreto today at 90 degrees, with 55% humidity. This is perfect weather.

I can not believe how green everything is. There seems to be forests of trees along the road that I never knew were there. The mountains are all covered with green and I feel more like I am in Ireland than Loreto.

It’s a beautiful sight to see and well worth the inconvenience of Hurricane John’s visit.


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