Loreto – Cabo – Los Angeles – Seattle – Victoria – 19 hours

Thursday I was leaving to visit Victoria, Canada for 2 weeks. I made my rounds to say good-bye to all the new friends I have made during my last 2 months in Loreto. Everyone wished me safe travels and envious of the opportunity to escape the heat and humidity to visit one of the top ten places to live in the world. In this short time, I already feel that Loreto is my home, although I am excited to go back to the Northwest and see my family. No one in Loreto seemed the least bit concerned about Hurricane John, but preparations were being made in case we received a lot of rain.

I stopped by Lot FN147 to say goodbye to Jackie Nedell and Dave Evans from Maryland. The gardens in their Bohemia looked wonderful and I can tell it will be another great party home.
It’s surprising how many home owners comment how much they prefer the mountain views over the water. I admit that I totally agree. The mountains show case the sunrises, sunsets and changing weather. I also dropped by to see Joel Sherman from Arizona who has just accepted his home at FN113. Unfortunately, Joel was not home but I did take a peak at this new pool and custom BBQ set up. Very nice!

My flight to Victoria requires that I fly Loreto, LAX, Seattle, and then Victoria. I leave about 4 pm, and arrive about midnight, which is pretty good if all goes well. However, today we had a slight detour as our Alaska flight was summoned to Cabo to evacuate 60 people who had to get out before Hurricane John struck. We sat on the tarmac in Loreto for an hour waiting for flight plans to be filed and fines to be paid as this was domestic travel not normally allowed under Alaska’s agreement. Alaska Airlines happily paid the fine so they could assist the Cabo passengers. Our Loreto flight was virtually empty with only approximately 45 passengers, so we had plenty of room. We finally got clearance and took the 36 min flight to Cabo. The Cabo passengers looked relieved when they boarded, many cutting their trips short in avoid any possible danger. The airport at Cabo was deserted as all planes had left and it was unlikely that there would be any more flights coming in for the next day or two.

I knew I was not going to make it home tonight, and arrived at LAX and through customs at 8:30 pm. Alaska was very good and put me up at the Hilton Hotel complete with shuttle service and food vouchers. Unfortunately, these did not include alcohol which at this point was medicinally necessary for my nerves. I went and sat by the pool to enjoy the cool fresh air and met Donny from Discovery Bay. We were chatting and it was such a surprise to learn that he was with Loreto Coast Properties, which is doing several developments in Loreto, including the Whales Inn. Donny has been visiting Loreto for the last 3 years and has a place at the condos at Punta Nopolo. We knew many of the same people and just amazed what a small world it is!!

I was up early to catch my 6 am flight out of LAX and arrived in Seattle without any delays. It’s a beautiful sunny day and refreshing to see all the big green trees, lakes, and mountains. These pictures are of Seattle and the islands flying into Victoria, but are not too clear through the dirty airplane windows. I promise more scenic pictures of this area in the next few weeks.


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