Preparing for Hurricane John’s Visit to Loreto

There is much excitement all over the Loreto Bay Home Owner Community worldwide as to what’s happening on the ground. Since I am in Victoria, I have recruited our friend and neighbor Janet Rubenstein, FN162, to be my eyes and ears on the ground to give you the most up date information as it happens.

The only good thing about looming disaster is how the community pulls together and this is no different in Loreto. Last night about 11 pm, a small group of people who live and work in Loreto Bay were up on the roofs of homes they could access to wrap the copulas in plastic to prevent excessive flooding. Here’s a picture of Mike, Becky and Arpad taking good care of my home while I’m away. There is tons of water blowing everywhere. Janet was good enough to move my car as it seems there is a river of water running in front of my home FN62. People are filling their bathtubs for water storage in preparation for the worst.

From experience I know it’s exciting to be in the middle of a hurricane, yet somewhat daunting. Tough to sleep, so I image many will be watching CNN with either coffee or tequila nearby waiting for the light of day.

Rudolfo from Owner Services was an absolute angel and driving around the Villages of Loreto Bay since 4 am this morning checking homes. Many people gather at the INN for breakfast and everywhere you looked people were mopping and wringing out towels trying to get ahead of the water. It’s a mess. The kind of good excitement that is fun, crazy and spontaneous … with a little anxiety just to spice it up.

It appears that John is losing momentum and the wind has died down to a Category 2. However, the sea is still wild and the wind noise is incredible. As of 11:30 am MDT today, there was still power and water. Apparently John’s supposed to arrive in Loreto at 3 pm today, and I’ll keep you up to date with whatever news I get.


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