It's Time For A Change - WHALES INN Now Closed

I apologize to all my regular readers that check in daily that I have not written for a few days. I have been celebrating with friends on various closures and new beginnings. There is energy in the atmosphere that makes me believe we are onto a very good cycle of fortune. I have always believed it is better to be lucky than smart. Although I don’t plan my life around astrology, I CHING, tarot, or other forms of forecasting destiny, I do very much believe that what goes around - comes around. The last several years have been very trying and difficult for many of my friends and associates, in all aspects of their lives. But, I really believe that we are on an upswing as it seems everyone’s luck is changing for the better almost overnight. Whatever it is, I’ll take some!

The Big News is the WHALES INN is officially now going to be demolished and rebuilt into luxury condominiums. I met Tom Woodard over a year ago when this was little more than an idea and saw him persevere through the many obstacles of developing in Mexico.

Tom is a true maverick, with immense integrity and foresight. I am privileged to call him a good friend and I have absolutely no doubt of the incredible success that he will bring not only to his investors, but to the area and all of us here as well.

The opportunities are enormous for people of the right spirit and talent. I have decided to be brave and take another challenge. There are definitely some personal sacrifices and risks but I know there will be less regrets than if I took the road well traveled and returned to the USA or Canada.

I will be starting a number of businesses over the next couple of months and look forward to sharing them with you. Unfortunately, Naughty Nellie’s Bar will not be one of them until we have more home owners living here. But it is still an option and I look forward to having it as much as my friends look forward to being patrons.

In the meantime I will continue to write the blog as I find it an enjoyable creative outlet. I promise to showcase entrepreneurs, new businesses and developments in the area, if you promise to keep coming back and sharing my adventures. I will endeavor to have at the very least, a new posting for you every Monday on “What Is Happening In Loreto”.


Hector said…
Hi Nellie:

Don't worry for not writing your blog before, anytime you can is fine, I personally understand that you are very busy. About The Whales Inn it is so sad about the "Close" stuff, at this moment as EcoScapes team work we are the only people in this place, it feels weird but something amazing at the same time, knowing that you have the entirely place for you. I don't know until we are gonna stay in here, they are gonna tell us and then we are gonna move to a Commercial Space in The Villages of Loreto Bay.

See you soon.

Hector Vazquez

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