New Beginnings on Loreto Malecon

I am very excited as I have just negotiated to take over this building on the malecon in Loreto. It will be the beautiful office and headquarters for my new commercial ventures to be launched in the next 4 to 6 weeks.

It is located on the site where the original Loreto Isles was over a year ago right on the malecon. There is a huge newly renovated office suite in front with opening glass windows, so we can feel the sea breeze across the street. There is ample parking in front and it is easy to find.

The lizard is for good luck and reminds me to stay quiet and slow down at times … but not too often otherwise I will be eaten alive!

The most amazing part of this space is the rooftop deck overlooking the Islands and the incredible views. It is hard to believe that the second floor view would be that much different from the main level! BUT IT IS!!

I’m busy organizing all my legal and accounting work now, which takes tremendous patience and a clear mind. Luckily for me, I had the experience of relocating from Canada to the USA, where I had to understand the differences in immigration, banking, taxes, and corporate structure. So moving to Mexico, is another step … much the same questions, only different answers. However, in Mexico, asking the right question is more than half the battle.

More information to come next week as things unfold. I hope to have the office up and running by November 1st. See you in Loreto!


Hector said…
Hi Nellie:

Congratulations for your Building, it is so beautiful, the location is perfect and I know you will have a huge succes in there.

Hector Vazquez

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