Road Trip – Destination Unknown

One of the best things about living on the Baja is that there is so much undiscovered territory. With this perfect weather, hectares of uninhabited areas, and miles and miles of oceans and mountains, it’s impossible for an adventurous person to be bored. Add to this that it takes only minutes of planning and within a few short hours; you remember what life is all about.

My friend was in that “too bored to be lazy” mode, so I packed a few bottles of chilled wine, beer, chocolate, blanket, towels, sunscreen and snorkel gear into his car and we headed out of Loreto. The biggest decision was whether to go north or south, so we made an executive decision and headed south. Driving about 30 minutes enjoying the scenery, we see one of many unmarked dirt roads. This was our invitation to explore and hoped it would take us to the coast. Within minutes we came to this private rocky beach and felt as though we were the only people on earth. It was blissfully deserted. We snorkeled, explored, and soaked up the sun, all the while listening to the gentle lapping of the waves and entertained by the constant flying fish for hours.

Don’t ask me for directions because these hidden treasures are so easy to find if you are aware. Just take a ride along the coast, or a hike in the mountains and you may find your own special place. Take some good food and good company, and life doesn’t get any better.

This is the magic that the new developers see and want to maintain. More and more large projects, commercial ventures, and growth in this area will happen. All things will exponentially increase, both good and bad. However, I am optimistic that the people who come here are opportunists for creating a better place and lifestyle, and not just concerned about the almighty dollar. They have already made that, and realize there is still so much more to achieve.


Hector said…
Hi Nellie

This is one of my favorite things here in Baja to discover some places. That was when I got borrowed a car. If I know another interesting destinations I will let you know. Most of the people even in the world are agree that adventure in Baja is always endless.


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