Loreto Update from CNN (Canadian Naughty Nellie)

Janet Rubenstein reporting live from Loreto at 10:25 am MDT

The road is now open between Loreto and Nopolo and workers from the INN and the construction site are now coming back and there is a buzz of activity. Minor water seepage in some homes but for the most part very little damage. The doors and windows are not closing due to high humidity.

Good news is that the Beach Club now has Lake Butterfield already established and Aqua Viva is 90% built. The estuaries have come back to where they should be and it is living up to its namesake of "living water".

Yesterday three of the arroyos were out over the highway to Loreto. There is a hill as you leave Nopolo and people were stranded here stuck between two of the arroyos that had gone out. Janet, Arpad and others went out and were throwing bottles of water across the flood to the stranded people. They bought a case of canned tuna from passing truck and were throwing cans of tuna to them as well. What a Loreto Experience!

The big question on everyone's mind "Is the Airport Open?". Still unknown at this time but there are many anxious people wanting to get out of Loreto and back to cooler weather. I'm sure the Phoenix desert looks pretty nice about now.

Internet is still down but photos have been promised as soon as possible. More to follow .... stay tuned...


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