Aqua Viva – All Roads Lead to Living Water

As quickly as the excitement of Hurricane John came, it has left the area with little except a distant memory and some clean up. These are the last of the hurricane photos as the people of Loreto move on to a new day.

I would like to extend a very special thank you to Rodolfo Guerrero, Manager of Owner Services for his due diligence and going well beyond the call of duty in ensuring that our homes were checked often and early on in light of pending disaster. When the storm started late Friday night, Walter was on vacation with his family in Disneyland; Hector, Gabriela, and most of the construction crew and INN staff were home in Loreto and ultimately trapped with no way to get back to Nopolo.

Rodolfo recruited his friend Xavier and together the two of them started making their rounds of the Loreto Bay finished homes about 1 am on Saturday morning. They continued all night ensuring that windows and doors stayed shut, patio furniture was secure and no one needed anything. They were assisting home owners at the Inn all day Saturday and Sunday while at the same time helping guests and trying to keep up with the constant flow of water.

It wasn’t until the roads opened up again on Monday that relief help arrived. Rodolfo continued with Hector and Gabriela to ensure the home owners’ houses were their number one priority and were constantly checking them. By Tuesday, Rodolfo had his clean up crew going through each of the homes assessing any damage and cleaning up water and debris.

The electricity was out on one of my walls, probably because there was a small river running directly outside my home. My fridge and freezer went out and I was alerted that I could possibly lose my food. As if this would matter to me in the least? There were plenty of good steaks and roasts, which I told Rodolfo and Janet to salvage and have a party if they could. This is a good lesson not to stock up too much food as the electricity regularly goes out, usually for short periods of time.

There are many people in Loreto to thank. They are not only part of Loreto Bay Company, but include the Whales Inn, Punta Nopolo condos, and in the community in general. I know good red wine is a favorite of Rodolfo’s and if anyone wants to make a nice gesture … this would be the thing to do! I’m sure he would share it with all those that assisted during John’s visit.

Janet told me that Dennis Maloney, one of the residents of Nopolo had just driven down the Baja and said the road was trashed with big crevices. It was very lucky that Dennis had a 4 wheel drive, otherwise he did not feel the roads were passable. He didn’t know how the semi trailers would make it down, but I’m sure they knew enough to find a nice dry place to wait out the storm.

Apparently Santa Rosalia and Mulege were in the eye of the hurricane and the road there is a real mess with large chunks missing. I have seen many of the very expensive homes in Mulege, which literally sit level to the river and only a few feet away. It would not take much to flood them, and building them in that location was just taunting Mother Nature.

Ése es todo That’s all


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